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  • Re: PB: Tables of Contents to the Luther’s Works + Comparison Charts

    Thank you very much, Mikko Paavola. I just found this thread. Your index is extremely useful. Thank. All the best, Dr. Georg Adamsen, Denmark
    Posted to Files by Georg S. Adamsen on Fri, Nov 4 2016
  • Are downloadable resources transferable?

    Recently, I got a mail from Logos urging me to change my CD-ROM pre-pubs to downloadable. Now, as far as I know, CD-ROM's used to be transferable ("sell-able"), but not so with resources that were paid and downloaded from the web. If I change my pre-pub orders, does that mean that the transferableness will disappear? In general, I think it is very strange
    Posted to General by Georg S. Adamsen on Sun, Feb 14 2010
  • Re: Oxford Latin Dictionary

    I have been a Logos user for at least nine years. I own the Original Language Library and SESB as well as a lot of other resources, especially Lutheran resources. I like Logos, but I still use BW8 for most of my exegetical work. Especially the syntactical resources of Logos, however, are unrivalled.
    Posted to Suggestions by Georg S. Adamsen on Mon, Dec 28 2009
  • Oxford Latin Dictionary

    It is now more than four years since I ordered the pre-pub OLD. I don't remember when there was enough orders, but it is a long time ago. OLD is a huge project, but nevertheless .... The status still says "Under Development". Any news as to how long it will be under development?
    Posted to Suggestions by Georg S. Adamsen on Mon, Dec 28 2009
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