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  • Re: Windows Phone 8 App

    Percentage of market share is not a particularly good benchmark to analyse, when you're talking about hundreds of millions of smartphone users. Even small percentages indicate millions of users. In Jan 2014, over 50 million people were using Windows Phone (and a significant number of that is WP8). The investment required to design an app would be relatively
    Posted to Windows Store Apps by Adam Spence on Thu, Oct 23 2014
  • Re: Logos 5 Upgrade

    It's simple. We've bought our Logos resources already in Logos 4. There should be a simple, single software upgrade price, regardless of what resources you have bought previously. The upgrade is for software, not resources. Anything more than $50 would be a rip-off for a few new features.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Adam Spence on Sat, Nov 3 2012
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