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  • Re: Prayer in the Church Fathers - A request for help from Catholic/Orthodox brothers and sisters.

    I am Lutheran, but have spent a fair amount of time with some of the Fathers... I would start off with what the Ecumenical Councils said. The first two are largely about the doctrine of God, and Constantinople 1 has given us the "Nicene" creed we still use today, granted in various translations and debate about the filioque added in the West... The
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Mar 1 2019
  • Re: using Logos for theological research

    I hesitate to disagree with Mark Barnes, who has given countless users quality advice. That said, I would go about things slightly differently, holding off on using Commentaries as long as I can. First of all, I would re-read 1st Corinthians - ideally in a translation different from what I am used to. This can be either a radically different English
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Mar 1 2019
  • Re: Confused about guidelines. Is there a place for theological discussion?

    Words are important. And the first word to notice is that they are Guidelines, and not rigid rules, or terms of service. There are many times when conversation has drifted beyond those guidelines, and I have participated in some of those discussions. That said, there is a lot of wisdom in those Guidelines. The users of this forum includes sometimes
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Mar 1 2019
  • Re: Any hot rumors on MM?

    Like many others, the bundle size for MM just seems way too much for me, even if they won. That said, I found the Verbum fathers collections smaller, and found a few that would be attractive since I had most of it already (eg. Athanasius), and for better or worse a few where I already had all of the collection (eg. Justin and Irenaeus). I certainly
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Mar 1 2019
  • Re: Verbum March Matchup sale - the Feud of the Fathers

    How cruel to put Nyssa and N azianzen against each other in the first round!
    Posted to Catholic Products by Ken McGuire on Fri, Mar 1 2019
  • Re: I don't understand...

    As someone who has three printed volumes of the NCP Augustine series within arms reach right now, I am both excited that they are finally coming to Logos as well as put off by how expensive they are. That said, I have more than a bit of hope that some volumes from the NCP set will eventually make it into base packages, topical collections, etc. This
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Mar 1 2019
  • Re: Are the 3 KJV the same?

    My installation of Logos 8 has three versions of the KJV text, and I believe they are the same three versions that have been in the software since Logos 4.0 days, namely the Cambridge Paragraph, the 1900 Cambridge, and the 1769 KJV that has been in Logos since the beginning. I will fully admit that I don't know the exact details about which ones are
    Posted to Logos 4 by Ken McGuire on Tue, Jan 22 2019
  • Re: When do we get Codex Vaticanus into Logos

    [quote user="David Ames"] Mat 5:22 egw de legw umin oti paj o orgizomenoj tw adelfw autou enocoj estai th krisei oj d an eiph tw adelfw autou raka enocoj estai tw sunedriw oj d an eiph mwre enocoj estai eij thn geennan tou puroj [[to read need to change to font BWGRKL available on site below.]] [/quote] I know that a decade ago there were numerous transcode
    Posted to Suggestions by Ken McGuire on Tue, Jan 22 2019
  • Re: The first protestant

    Oh my. This whole discussion is almost certainly both off topic here and beyond where I would be qualified to speak. But here goes anyway... When I had a rather liberal religion professor who based on his study of the thought of John Hick was able to talk about what John Hick would say about a topic even before Hick wrote a book or article on that topic
    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken McGuire on Fri, Jan 18 2019
  • Re: Krauth Conservative Reformation

    I am aware of the problems some of my PB's have with the Logos 8 compiler. But I have not systematically gone through my files to see which ones have problems to fix them - since the compiled ones I actually use work. I made a choice a while ago that if Logos brings an official version of a book I released, I would not update it. I am glad that you
    Posted to Files by Ken McGuire on Wed, Jan 9 2019
  • Re: A new New Testament?

    [quote user="Hamilton Ramos"]To me, the Holy Spirit is the real author of the Scriptures, and His context transcends any cultural, historical, linguistical, ethnical or other context.[/quote] This can - and probably is already - heading into theological discussions that are off topic here. I will just say that my understanding is that the Holy Spirit
    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken McGuire on Sun, Dec 9 2018
  • Re: A new New Testament?

    [quote user="Hamilton Ramos"]Do you know of any resource (best in L8) that helps do contrast / comparison / analysis of certain issues, and what would the interesting beneficial issues be.[/quote] I do not have a good book type resource to do that in Logos. In school I was taught that a small start would be to look up all the references in margins of
    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken McGuire on Thu, Dec 6 2018
  • Re: A new New Testament?

    [quote user="Denise"]A canon normally begins with a group, and what they consider authoritative (by someones). This volume has it backwards. They start with modern idealogues, and (have yet) to identify 'who' might use that 'NT'. [/quote] I do not own the volume, although did consider getting it when it came out - in spite of my rather negative reaction
    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken McGuire on Thu, Dec 6 2018
  • Re: A new New Testament?

    Back when this collection came out, my father took me to a "Jesus Seminar on the Road" presentation with Dr. Hal Taussig where this volume was promoted. My opinion is that like just about everything that comes out of the Jesus Seminar, the PR is grossly overstated and much of their talk that theirs was THE scholarly view is a simplification, that in
    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken McGuire on Thu, Dec 6 2018
  • Re: Fathers of the Church Series

    [quote user="Mark"]I am just wondering how I got the 24 volumes.[/quote] Over the past few years a few of them have been broken out and put in base packages or other collections. That is how I have 18 of them.
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Thu, Nov 29 2018
  • Re: Lexham Survey of Theology - feedback

    [quote user="Damian McGrath"] Fascinating that "Mariology" is situated under "The Person and Work of Christ". [/quote] Is not the Council of Ephesus's declaration that Mary is the "Mother of God" a Christological statement? Does not Ineffabilis Deus give Christological reasons in the center of the definition of Immaculate Conception?
    Posted to Lexham Press by Ken McGuire on Tue, Nov 6 2018
  • Re: The first protestant

    [quote user="SineNomine"] MJ (and others), which books on Christian history (and parts thereof) available from FL do you find the most helpful? [/quote] For the specific question of the OP, the problem is that to truly answer it, it would require a much more in-depth understanding of the various schools of medieval thought - much of which is locked
    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken McGuire on Tue, Nov 6 2018
  • Re: The first protestant

    From what I understand, the "easy" answer is that the term "Protestant" comes from the protest made by the Evangelical Princes after the Diet of Speyer in 1529. In the view of the "Protestants" the Diet in 1529 where the Emperor was not present improperly set aside a ruling of the Diet of Speyer of 1526 where the Emperor was there. The ruling in question
    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken McGuire on Sun, Nov 4 2018
  • Re: Lexham Survey of Theology - feedback

    Like Sine Nomine, the first portion I looked at to see theological bias was in the sacrament section. In my case, I started with Baptism to see how it fits with my Lutheran understanding. I do not mean to engage in theological discussions, which indeed would be against the forum rules. But to critique the Logos resource, I offer the following: The initial
    Posted to Lexham Press by Ken McGuire on Sat, Nov 3 2018
  • Re: Any thoughts on this set?

    [quote user="Rick Ausdahl"]Wow! I've been doing a study of Genesis 1, and have read through many, many pages in several commentaries. I'm impressed with how well this commentary has taken all the various views and arguments I've been reading through on verses 1-3, and synthesized them clearly and neatly into just a few paragraphs. For someone who wants
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Nov 2 2018
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