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  • Re: Resource suggestions wanted

    For an overview of the historical theological debate, I would say John Behr's study , although if you want to save a bit, you could just grab the 1st volume which is available separately. Eventually you will want to study Against Eunomius , and this is probably the best edition of it in Logos. But the issues show up in lots of writers - and different
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sun, Aug 19 2018
  • Re: One Volume Commentaries

    My current favorite is the Oxford, which I was lucky enough to pick up on disk on close out about a decade ago. I have also used the NBC , The Bible Guide , and for their specialized perspectives, the Jewish Study Bible , and the Women's Bible Commentary . As for when I use them? General ones I use when I am curious about really basic information about
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sat, Aug 18 2018
  • Re: Personal Book Page Numbers

    To the best of my knowledge there is no official way to insert page numbers automatically. That said, users have created macros to do this. I know there was one floating around that would put a page break every so many words or so - but since I wanted my PB's to match printed editions, I have never used it. It is conceivable to have a macro that recognizes
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken McGuire on Thu, Aug 2 2018
  • Re: Logos 8 release coming?

    Historically Logos has released new versions/packages right before various professional conferences and before the school year. While it has been two years since 7 came out with two years between many recent versions, if version 8 doesn't come out in a week or so, I strongly suspect it will not come for a while. And with the way Faithlife has been transferring
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken McGuire on Wed, Aug 1 2018
  • Re: Why So Expensive?

    First of all, while Logos/Faithlife does provide this forum to help customers, usually it will be fellow customers who will reply. I am one of those customers. I have been a Logos user since early 2002. Since then I have spent a fair amount of money with this company, and yes, it is easy to spend a lot of money on their products. And yes, there are
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Wed, Aug 1 2018
  • Re: Why are some books classified as 'Bible Commentary'?

    Both the terms "Bible" and "Commentary" from a historical level are not fixed concepts. As far the "Bible", while there was very limited argument about central books (eg. the books of Moses and the 4 gospels), the exact limits have varied. In your theological understanding, you may have a very clear understanding of where this limit is - but other Logos
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Tue, Jul 24 2018
  • Re: Anchor Yale Commentary

    [quote user="Denise"]Well, they're still missing Matthew (the original one NA).[/quote] Sort of. Back when I was in school in the 1990's, the (then) Anchor Bible did have volumes on all four gospels. The thing is that the volume on Matthew was not useful - and the volume on Mark was barely useful. Matthew (Albright and Mann) was one of the first ones
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Mon, Jul 23 2018
  • Re: Hardware question for Staff from Logos...

    My main Logos machine is a year old Dell that was low end (less than 400 bucks) when I got it. 7th generation i3. 6 GB RAM. 1 GB HD. 1 USB 3 port, 2 USB 2 ports. My library is Lutheran Gold, with various other books purchased over the past 16 years for a total of 8.5k books - and a Resource folder of 35 GB. When running Logos by itself on this low end
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Wed, Jul 11 2018
  • Re: Fathers of the Church - 60% off

    I have no idea, but it might be interesting to you to run the Bibliography tool within Logos to see what works and data type references are cited in the IVP commentaries. But personally, I am more interested in trying to understand how various of them think/understand/pray the faith instead of how exactly they interpret a particular scripture passage
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Mon, Jul 2 2018
  • Re: My Logos 7 is Snail Slow

    I currently run Logos on a machine with 6 GB and one with 8 GB. Neither is "snappy". Both are way faster than walking to the way I did things back in school - walking over to the library, looking something up in the card catalog or going to the reserve room, finding the dictionary and commentary references manually, etc... About a year and a half ago
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken McGuire on Mon, Jul 2 2018
  • Re: Fathers of the Church - 60% off

    In general, the Ancient Christian Writers set has more introductions and notes. In print those notes are endnotes unfortunately.
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sat, Jun 30 2018
  • Re: OT: Plagiarism vs Aggregation. How to Split Grey Hairs

    While I certainly would admit that there are multiple types and even degrees of Plagiarism, I keep on going back to how I learned what it means in academic settings. A Fraternity Brother was upset at failing an English paper and went in to protest this to the Professor. She explained that it is Plagiarism whenever you present as your idea or argument
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Thu, Jun 28 2018
  • Re: Looking for Church History Resources

    There are a few Logos resources that would have many of these items. ECF has a volume on the early councils. (NPNF 2.14) which has many of the important texts for Nicea 1 to Nicea 2. Don't think it has really anything on the Council of Orange in which you are interested, but those are in Denzinger. Much more recent is the collection by Stevenson, Creeds
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Tue, Jun 26 2018
  • John Bachman - The Doctrine of the Unity of the Human Race

    John Bachman was born in 1790 in New York. He moved to Charleston, SC in 1815 to serve as Lutheran Pastor there. He became one of the most important leaders of Lutheranism in SC. At his recommendation, the local ministerium set up an academy to train pastors which has since expanded into Newberry College. In addition to his parish work serving segregated
    Posted to Files by Ken McGuire on Tue, May 29 2018
  • Re: Exodus & Numbers in the "Interpretation Commentary" Series

    Too many books - too little time. And so we have various recommended commentary lists. For better or worse, the Church is fragmented - and this fragmentation expresses itself in what reference books we consult. In general, the Interpretation series is by US Mainline scholars to serve as an easy to read source for their pastors. It aims to always put
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sat, May 5 2018
  • Re: BUG: Why does Logos discriminate against the Lutherans (with regards to the Book of Concord)?

    Impressive documentation of the Logos BookOfConcord datatype. As you have seen, it is not ideal - and not what I would go with if I were coming up with a data structure from scratch. But it is surprisingly functional while we can hope and pray for something better.
    Posted to Lutheran Products by Ken McGuire on Mon, Apr 9 2018
  • Re: Question About Longevity of Logos on Mac

    This is all guestimates, but Apple Mac has successfully made the transition between very different hardware architectures twice before - namely from the 68000 family to PowerPC, and then from PowerPC to Intel x86. While there have been hickups on the way, it was generally able to work because so much in the Mac world is done by OS system calls instead
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Tue, Apr 3 2018
  • Re: Non-Evangelical Systematic Theology and Theology Resources

    Going with your interest of Trinitarian Theology, I would recommend at least the following: Athanasius of Alexandria - On the Incarnation - preferably in the Popular Patristics series . Gregory of Nyssa - Not Three Gods to Ablabius Basil the Great - On the Holy Spirit - Popular Patristics (same collection as Athanasius above - we need this pre-pub to
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Tue, Apr 3 2018
  • Re: Hengstenberg, Christology of OT Vols. 1-4

    Glad you both got it to work and are finding these books useful. I also hope that the official edition will happen without too much delay and make a better offering that Bill made, to which I tweaked a bit.
    Posted to Files by Ken McGuire on Mon, Apr 2 2018
  • Re: Same books in multiple Book Series of Church Fathers? Don't want to purchase duplicate books

    There are classic works that appear in multiple sets - yes. But personally I think of the sets that have Patristic works the following way: Early Church Fathers - a 19th century Protestant set that is half-decent at Ante-Nicene with a decent selection of Augustine and Chrysostom afterwards, but is extremely thin otherwise, although it does tend to catch
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Mon, Apr 2 2018
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