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  • Re: BUG: Why does Logos discriminate against the Lutherans (with regards to the Book of Concord)?

    [quote user="Sakarias Ingolfsson"]At least for Ap IV:122-400 and XII:98-178, the milestones do not fit the surface text. Perhaps this is true for other articles as well. The reason is probably that in some versions of BOC these paragraphs are numbered differently. [/quote] It has been a while since I have dug into the details of the BookofConcord datatype
    Posted to Lutheran Products by Ken McGuire on Wed, Mar 7 2018
  • Re: Contours of Christian Theology [8 vols.] on sale: Your opinion please

    I have not read the set and so cannot give the most informed opinion. That said, I have read more than a few articles by some of the authors in the set, and respect their work. As much as I respect the great classic works of theology - and wish my theological education had emphasized their study more - I also recognize that there are specific issues
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sun, Feb 25 2018
  • Re: Personal Book Builder (PBB) Error - unable to fix

    The only advice I have is to split the book in two to find the problem, and then keep on doing this to the "problem" section. In general this will either get you to a page where when you look close, the problem will be obvious, or a small section where you can't see the problem, but can re-key without too much of a problem....
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken McGuire on Sun, Feb 4 2018
  • Re: Personal Books

    If I understand what you are asking, what you need to do is make sure the text is marked as a Greek text in your Word Processor. I use MS Word 2007 (I know - stone age now), and do this by clicking the Language box on my Status Bar at the bottom of the screen, or the "Set Language" box in the Proofing section of the Review ribbon.
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken McGuire on Thu, Feb 1 2018
  • Re: Fathers of the Church Series (127 voluimes). Entirely comprehensive?

    To my knowledge there is no such thing as an entirely comprehensive edition of the Fathers. The one you mention is probably the most complete edition in English at this time. Of course, Migne is even more comprehensive if you can handle the Latin.
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sat, Jan 13 2018
  • Re: What is the purpose of the church...

    Don't think it is in Logos, but Cardinal Avery Dulles' Models of the Church would be a good resource.
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Tue, Jan 2 2018
  • Re: Linking a personal book with a regular Logos resource

    The wiki provides a decent reference at . Please do check it out. Exactly how you would do it would depend on exactly how you want it to behave. Do you want it to link to ANY bible, or to a particular translation? If you just want it to scroll with a bible, all you have to do is add tagging in the format of [[@Bible
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sat, Dec 30 2017
  • Re: Save up to 33% on the best resources of 2017

    It is still about 6:30 am at their offices....
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Thu, Dec 28 2017
  • Re: Patristic References/Citations

    At the risk of talking down to you, let me try explaining how many of the patristic references are made. Someone wrote something in some language in the ancient world in some language. The author may have given it a title and divided it into "books". Even if the author didn't do this themselves, often this was done in in the ancient world. Most of us
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken McGuire on Tue, Dec 26 2017
  • Re: Christmas Gift?

    [quote user="PetahChristian"] (You can click on "English" at the bottom of the page to return to the English version of the website.) [/quote] Thank you for providing the link. And I want to mention that there is another coupon on that page that would be of interest to many of us too.
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Mon, Dec 25 2017
  • Re: Ancient Christian Texts Collection

    Since you have Silver already, take a look at " Athanasius: The Life of Antony and the Letter to Marcellinus " in your library and try reading a few chapters to see if anything grabs you. This volume from Classics of Western Spirituality is pretty good and somewhat representative of many things you will run into in other writers in how it integrates
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sat, Dec 16 2017
  • Re: Ancient Christian Texts Collection

    [quote user="Marshall Harrison"]Is the Expansion Pack worth the money or is it just going to contain a lot of links to stuff that I don't have.[/quote] It would be a destination for some of the links in various resources and for some references in the Ancient Literature portion of the default Passage Guide. But in my opinion, they are most useful if
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Sat, Dec 16 2017
  • Re: Ancient Christian Texts Collection

    When I went to school in the 1990's, while there were a few figures who were consciously making sure that they interacted with the great exegetes of the past, this was generally something done by only a few - and those few were generally very fluent in the original languages. Since then there has been a flowering of interest in Patristics from a wide
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Dec 15 2017
  • Re: High Cost of Upgades

    Much of your post is frustration with the phone salespeople. I have almost never dealt with them - last time was probably about ten years ago. This is indeed a problem, but one I cannot comment on, let alone help with. From what I understand, when Logos 7 came out, Logos decided to separate our "libraries" from "feature sets" in the various upgrades
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Dec 15 2017
  • Re: How to quote a plagiarized resource (or not).

    I suppose that professional academics may have somewhat different standards, but from my understanding of plagiarism, you site the sources you used . So if you used it and it has influence on your work, you should site it. Even if it was not appropriately intellectually honest, you still should be, and not claim someone else's work as your own. Perhaps
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Wed, Nov 1 2017
  • Re: Original language lookup

    I admit it has been a bit since I have tested this, but the Desktop application should be able to do this - assuming you have the relevant resources. The ESV bible with the ESV reverse-interlinear can take you to the Greek, where you should be able to look up the Greek in any Greek Lexicon for which you have a license. That said, I personally think
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken McGuire on Wed, Oct 25 2017
  • Re: Conversion error in The Hammer of God

    Thanks for checking, and sending the error up the food chain, so to speak.
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Ken McGuire on Mon, Oct 23 2017
  • Conversion error in The Hammer of God

    I know, I know. Vyrso books are automatically generated from the files the Publisher gives you. But I have found what seems to be systematic error in the The Hammer of God. I was reading it on my phone and saw the term "bodytext" or "bodytexts" more than a few times. This sounds like a style not the text that should be printed. A quick look at a few
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Ken McGuire on Mon, Oct 23 2017
  • Re: Error when compiling a personal book

    The Warning statements are common when you compile PB's with MS Word Tables. I have seen it countless times - and yet it worked fine. The Error statements are where the problem lies. The problem is the Error statements are a bit less than clear. If I were you, I would start testing the first half, and then the second half to try to narrow down where
    Posted to Files by Ken McGuire on Sat, Oct 21 2017
  • Re: How long since significant finds of ancient manuscripts?

    Often the marketing blurbs do seem like overstatements. That said, the Dead Sea Scrolls were published in their entirety only in 1991. I do remember back when one of the selling points of the Anchor Bible commentaries on Samuel were that the author had access to and interacted with the various DSS fragments that were not all yet public.
    Posted to General by Ken McGuire on Fri, Oct 20 2017
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