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  • Re: iPad Notes sync problem

    Yes I have quite a few note files and some of them are several paragraphs long. Maybe I am using notes more extensively than it is capable of doing. I used to use the old sermon filer but that has been discontinued.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Ken on Fri, Nov 22 2013
  • iPad Notes sync problem

    Hi everyone, I use Logos on my computer usually to study with but often use my iPad to teach from. I find that the notes I create on my laptop can sometimes take days to sync to the ipad. I have searched through the other sync problem forums but nothing seems to solve this. I have tried to manually sync my laptop but it still doesn't show up on the
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Ken on Thu, Nov 21 2013
  • Homepage customization

    Hello everyone, How customizable is the homepage besides having the two columns? I just updated to 7.14 and my font went really large and I simply have one long list of sidebar items and one long list of content items. It used to split things up to make better use of the screen. -Ken
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken on Fri, May 11 2018
  • Re: Sermon Published without my permission

    I agree as well. I don't know if I'm speaking for most, but most of my sermons are for my congregation as they sometimes contain personal or contextual info. I love the idea of publishing a sermon for the public when I want to but I was surprised I had to uncheck a button when I used Sermon Editor for the first time. Sometimes sermons are partially
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ken on Tue, Nov 28 2017
  • Re: setting default note indicators

    I agree and hope this becomes a feature soon. I have to manually change the icon when working in different note files.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Ken on Wed, Aug 2 2017
  • Note highlighting

    When I upgraded to Logos8, a whole section of the Bible text I was making notes on is now highlighted along with corresponding reference books. How do I find which notes or highlights are causing this? I've tried deleting and reentering the notes to no avail.
    Posted to Logos Notes by Ken on Mon, Nov 26 2018
  • Re: Note highlighting

    Thanks Graham, that worked. I just upgraded so getting used to where everything is. The notes system is very different but it looks pretty powerful. It seems it will take some getting used to.
    Posted to Logos Notes by Ken on Tue, Nov 27 2018
  • Topic tab vs Topic Guide tab

    For all you high level users, What is the difference between the "Topic" tab you create when you click on New Tab and scroll down to topic under the guide section, and the "Topic Guide" tab you create when you use the Guides menu bar. They have different icons. The number of guides under the New Tab is crazy long with some guides repeated two or three
    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken on Wed, Feb 12 2020
  • Re: Topic tab vs Topic Guide tab

    Posted to Logos 8 by Ken on Thu, Feb 13 2020
  • Re: Sorting Notes in Notebook

    Hi, I tried the steps you mentioned but I do not see the sort by reference option. I only see "Date Created", "Date Modified" and "Notebook". Am I doing something wrong?
    Posted to Logos Notes by Ken on Fri, Feb 7 2020
  • Re: Factbook

    Thanks, I found them distracting as well. Another question. How do I shut off Factbook from opening up every time I click on a word.
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by Ken on Fri, Dec 4 2020
  • Re: Factbook

    Thanks Graham, that did it.
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by Ken on Wed, Feb 17 2021
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