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  • Re: Wow ... Richmond too (I'm a Civil War buff-ess)

    I know - I'm in Fredericksburg, VA (just an hour north of Richmond) so I thought this was pretty cool :) Honestly this is gonna come in really handy when the kids get older and start studying local history :)
    Posted to General by RMC on Fri, Aug 12 2011
  • Re: OT: Has anyone else been entertained...

    Deer tick today. Reminds me to pray for a friend who's son was just diagnosed with Lyme's disease . . .
    Posted to General by RMC on Wed, Aug 10 2011
  • Bug/ Typo - NASB95

    This is more a typo than a bug, and I did report it, but I just wanted to draw attention to it, because it changes the meaning of the text. In Genesis 17:6, Logos has the NASB95 reading "I have made you exceedingly fruitful . . ." And the text should read "I will make you exceedingly fruitful . . ." I don't know how often publishers review text when
    Posted to General by RMC on Sun, Jul 10 2011
  • Re: Logos not responding

    FWIW - I have the same issue - I'm on Toshiba too - a cheap one :) I've just assumed it was because I don't have enough RAM - I've only got 2 Gigs right now, although we're going to be upgrading to 6 or 8 soon. I know this isn't too helpful - just wanted to let you know you're not the only one :) Misery loves company, right?
    Posted to General by RMC on Wed, Jul 6 2011
  • Re: Pricing question - Wuest

    I agree - the base packages are wonderful, and a fantastic value. And I do think there's enough in the Scholar's package that I would find useful to make it worth the investment. This was the package I had originally wanted, but settled for the more affordable Bible Study library until I could see how I would actually end up using Logos - I didn't want
    Posted to General by RMC on Wed, Jul 6 2011
  • Re: Pricing question - Wuest

    Thanks so much. Crazy that its even offered as a separate purchase when the collection is cheaper than the individual resource lol - makes me wonder why on earth anyone would buy it separately lol. I'll try to be patient and wait until I can upgrade to the scholar's library. I'm just getting the hang of using Logos for study (thanks to whoever had posted
    Posted to General by RMC on Tue, Jul 5 2011
  • Pricing question - Wuest

    Hi! I'm brand new to all this - I found Logos when getting ready to do Precept Bible studies, and I'm loving it. I'm still working on building my library, using some resources I've been made familiar with. Right now I have the Bible Study library, and I'm adding a few things that have been recommended to me - one of them is Wuest's word studies. I see
    Posted to General by RMC on Tue, Jul 5 2011
  • Re: How soon is "soon"?

    Got mine yesterday - and a response, and another response after that. And boy am I tempted right now! Definitely taking them up on something - am wishing I had unlimited funds (and time lol) right now!
    Posted to General by RMC on Thu, Jun 16 2011
  • Re: Meet and Greet (plus sale)

    Name: Rachel Where you call home (general or specific): Fredericksburg, VA Occupation: full-time mom Age: 32 How long you've been using Logos Bible Software: 6 months Your most-used Logos resource (other than the Bible): Vines, the basic commentaries in the Bible Study package Your #1 use for Logos: Personal study, preparation for small group Favorite
    Posted to General by RMC on Tue, Jun 14 2011
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