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  • Logos 6 Bible Search Error

    Hey, wondering if anyone might be able to help me figure out why my Bible Search tool is not working. I can find things in other searches (Basic, Media, Clause, etc...) but not in Bible search. I have tried manipulating Bible versions, limiting # of books, everything... Frustrating that I have to go to Google every time I want to search for a verse
    Posted to Logos 6 by Brian Conyers on Mon, Jan 4 2016
  • Re: Logos 6 Not Updating

    Tommy. That did it. Went in there and cleaned house. Logos 4,5,and previously non-updating 6 all wiped out. Clicked on Logos 6 SR-1 (which I thought I did before, but apparently not) and all is well. Thanks to all for your help.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Brian Conyers on Fri, May 15 2015
  • Re: Logos 6 Not Updating

    I tried that with the same results.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Brian Conyers on Mon, May 11 2015
  • [resolved] Logos 6 Not Updating

    For the last week or so, everytime I open Logos I get a note: An update is ready to be installed..... I click on the link and I get a dialog box that says: Extracting Update When I click to close and relaunch it tells me: an error has occurred. Please try again later. I have tried restarting Logos, my computer, and even downloading Logos 6.2 Service
    Posted to Logos 6 by Brian Conyers on Sun, May 10 2015
  • Re: Logos on Kindle Fire Crashes

    So, went tonight to try and figure out which build I have and all of a sudden, the app works. ((2.3.11(Build 80) on a non-hd fire as well) After almost two weeks of it not loading it just decides to work. I then began to get Kindle notifications that all of my previously downloaded resources had been redownloaded.....? Not sure what happened, or is
    Posted to Android Apps by Brian Conyers on Wed, May 1 2013
  • Logos on Kindle Fire Crashes

    I can no longer get the Logos app to load on my Kindle fire. It app starts to load, signs in, and at the moment the app should open up, everything closes and goes back to the home screen on the Kindle. I have removed Logos and reinstalled with no improvements. Any suggestions?
    Posted to Android Apps by Brian Conyers on Tue, Apr 30 2013
  • Re: Meet and Greet (plus sale)

    Questions Name: Brian Conyers Where you call home (general or specific): Waterbury VT Occupation: Church Planter Age: 39 How long you've been using Logos Bible Software: 2 Years Your most-used Logos resource (other than the Bible): NAC Commentaries Your #1 use for Logos: Sermon/ Bible Study Prep Favorite non-Logos pastime: Mountain Biking Random fact
    Posted to General by Brian Conyers on Fri, Jun 17 2011
  • Re: Slow Scrolling

    One simple thing that I have done to improve this... Make sure that your passage guide, exegetical guide and all open resources are not in the same link set. If you are just trying to read a commentary and you skip down to the next verse, then all of these resources begin to sync to your new location. Depending on your computer's speed, this may take
    Posted to Logos 4 by Brian Conyers on Tue, Jan 25 2011
  • Re: Alpha 16 - Preparing my Library

    Same problem here. would love to report this problem, but man that's a lot of steps to take to report it. Just know that at least one other person is waiting for this bug to be fixed.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Brian Conyers on Fri, Mar 26 2010
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