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  • Re: 4.3 (v4.30.0.1516) available

    Hi folks My program says there are no updates available. Can someone please give me a direct link to the above update. I'm very interested in the inclusion of the PBB. Thanks so much. Gerald
    Posted to Logos 4 by Gerald Rodgers on Wed, Aug 10 2011
  • Re: PB macros for Word 2010 & 2007

    Hi Steve Thanks again for the macros etc. Have run into one problem with a macro security message in Word 2010. Says the macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your macro security settings. Have checked in Word 2010 & all my macro settings in Options/Trust Centre\trust centre settings are enabled. Is there something I'm missing here?
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Tue, Oct 18 2011
  • Re: Getting new Logos 4 resources into Libronix 3

    Hi Any ideas how to get the download quicker as I'm experiencing real difficulty getting the download of the many books available for Libronix. Have tried a number of times but after 40% even 50% download I get an error message saying I need to rerun the download. Any help would be very much appreciated. Gerald
    Posted to Libronix (including Logos for Mac 1) by Gerald Rodgers on Mon, Oct 10 2011
  • Re: "Our World Belongs to God" docx (CRCNA)

    Hi Richard Thanks for your good work. Keep it up. Sent you an email. Hope I got right address. Gerald
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Wed, Oct 5 2011
  • Re: Anyone want to share me their notes files?

    Hi Jack I'm from N Ireland & would like a look at your note files. Have tried to follow your directions but when I get to your page I don't see the document folder. Have I done something wrong? Thanks for your help. Every blessing Gerald
    Posted to General by Gerald Rodgers on Mon, Oct 14 2013
  • A Catalogue of all Logos files

    Hi Was just wondering if there is a catalogue or list available of all the files that have been posted so far in the forums. Would like to see just how many books have been processed by members. Gerald
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Thu, Oct 24 2013
  • Re: A Catalogue of all Logos files

    Thanks Graham. Much appreciated. Gerald
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Thu, Oct 24 2013
  • Re: unable to change picture

    Hi Interested in reading your post re photos. I have changed mine within Faithlife and understood that it would also change within Logos 5 e.g. when looking at my own posts but having recently changed photos in Faithlife the old photo still remains within logos 5. I'm using IE 11. Can anyone offer any help please? Thanks Gerald
    Posted to Faithlife Groups / by Gerald Rodgers on Tue, Oct 29 2013
  • Re: Search section added to Wiki PB (docx)

    Hi Steve Have added the new docx but I'm still getting 21 errors & 0 warnings showing up. Any ideas? Gerald
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Tue, Feb 28 2012
  • Re: E M Bounds-Two Works - FJM

    Hi Fred Thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated. The following file is causing a bit of a problem in that when I try to save it, it come up as an HTML document. 5483.Necessity of Prayer_788.docx Quick Reply Can you help at all please? Thanks so much. Gerald
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Sat, Mar 31 2012
  • Personal Collated Files

    Hi Just wondering if anyone else has come across the fact that Logos seem to be blocking the personal books that I have collated presumably because they are the same as those they are selling themselves and don't want me to have access to them. The blocking message begins "you don't have a licence to access this resource but you". Can anyone comment
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Mon, Aug 20 2012
  • Re: Personal Books index updated!

    Hi James Just a wee note to thank you for all your work and for the many books that you and others have provided for Logos users. I just wanted to say that just this week I have been unable to get through to the site where all your books are. Is there a reason for this? Is the site down as I have tried a direct like to Oldpaths main site without success
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Wed, Mar 19 2014
  • Re: Morris Proctor Training Manuals

    Hi Duncan I'm from N Ireland and feel the same. I was on the Logos blog this morning and discovered that if you phone Logos and ask for Justin he will let you have the manuals post free. The guy who wrote this said to mention his name which was Tom. Hope this helps. Gerald
    Posted to Logos 5 by Gerald Rodgers on Wed, Sep 17 2014
  • The Move to Logos 5

    Hi Folks Just want your thoughts on what is happening with Logos at the moment trying to encourage us to move on to Version 5. When I think back to moving up to the same level in Logos 4 it cost me quite a lot of money to upgrade. I actually had to pay the debt off over a 12 month period and that was difficult enough. As I look back I'm not altogether
    Posted to Logos 5 by Gerald Rodgers on Sun, Jan 20 2013
  • Re: Latest update - Problem re Logos 5

    Hi Thanks for all the help received. The guidance from the Logos page resolved the issue!! Kind regards Gerald
    Posted to Logos 5 by Gerald Rodgers on Thu, Feb 21 2013
  • Re: Can I do this?

    Hi Brian I would be glad to have the link please. Thank you too for the work you are doing on these books. My email address is Please replace the - with the usual @. Kind regards Gerald
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Tue, Dec 9 2014
  • Re: 5.2a Service Release 5 ( available for download

    Just to say for the first time ever I'm having an error message show up suggesting the download cannot find a file - anyone any ideas please. Thanks Gerald
    Posted to Logos 5 by Gerald Rodgers on Wed, May 28 2014
  • Re: TIP of the day: Context menu on reference vs Context menu on text.

    Hi M J Thanks for all the work you put into the forums. It is really much appreciated. Thanks too for the "Tip of the Day". Obviously there have been many more of these tips that you have provided. Is there an easy way to track them down so that they might come in handy when needed or can they be put in one place in my system for easy access. Thanks
    Posted to Logos 7 by Gerald Rodgers on Sat, Nov 26 2016
  • Re: A Library of Sermons by S. Lewis Johnson

    Hi Thanks so much for the library of so many sermons. Very much appreciated indeed. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how best to add these files ot Logos 6 as PBB or as several PBB's. Are all the files if docx form or does one have to go through them singly and save them as docx files to send to Logos 6. Thanks for your help. Gerald
    Posted to Files by Gerald Rodgers on Sat, Jul 23 2016
  • Logos 6 First Ever Problem

    Hi folks Tried several times to run Logos 6 but it gets as far as the small blue Logos 6 logo and crashed. This is the very first time this has happened. Always been a very stable program. At the time of the first crash it was just after I had added a new user book but I've done that lots of times! Any help would be much appreciated ASAP please. Have
    Posted to Logos 6 by Gerald Rodgers on Sun, Sep 4 2016
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