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  • Re: How do you export concordance results if you don't have excel?

    [quote user="alabama24"] [quote user="David Walthart"]How do you export concordance results if you don't have excel?[/quote] I don't think that is the right question... I think the question you are really needing to ask is "How can I view the exported results without excel," right? After all, there isnt much reason to export the results if you can't
    Posted to Logos Now by Rosie Perera on Mon, Apr 27 2015
  • [resolved] Sorting Label Notes files

    I don't know whether this has been suggested before, or whether there's already a way you can do this that I'm overlooking. But I would love to have a way to sort my Notes either chronologically by when they were added, or alphabetically by Label attribute (with secondary sort on the value of each attribute). For example, I use one Notes file for storing
    Posted to Suggestions by Rosie Perera on Mon, Apr 27 2015
  • [ACK] BUG: 6.3 Beta 3: Focus disappears after closing a tab, opening a resource

    Have Logos main window open with only one tab, plus library open in a floating window. Click to close the last open tab. (Focus goes to Library.) Click on any book title to open it. Page Down / Page Up don't work, because focus is not in the newly opened resource. Screencast demonstrating this: Log file: 5557.Logos
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Rosie Perera on Mon, Apr 27 2015
  • Re: Sorting Label Notes files

    Thanks. I should have checked the panel menu. Sort by date works, so that's great. "Sort by reference" and "Sort by title" seem to do inscrutable things. Here's "Sort by title: It's not in order by Label or Title of the resource. It appears to be in alphabetical order by the beginning few words of selected text that the label/highlighting was applied
    Posted to Suggestions by Rosie Perera on Tue, Apr 28 2015
  • Re: Morris Proctor Camp Logos

    I used to be skeptical of Camp Logos from when it was first introduced. Not so much skeptical of the training, but cynical about why you'd need to go to a training camp for any software. I thought the user's manual and/or online should be sufficient (and was disappointed that it wasn't great). And I also thought the name "Camp Logos" for a training
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Tue, Apr 28 2015
  • Re: Can "Copy Bible Verses" output to HTML or Markdown?

    [quote user="Dave Hooton"]Bring this discussion to the General forum and also make the suggestion in UserVoice .[/quote] I think Dave meant the Suggestions forum (second from the top, right below General, on the main Forums page).
    Posted to Logos 5 by Rosie Perera on Tue, Apr 28 2015
  • Re: Can't organize my resources by this a problem or did they remove this option?

    What version are you running? 6.2? That option has not been removed. Are you not even seeing the Type column at all in your library when it's showing Details View? Make sure you've got a checkmark next to the Type label in the dropdown menu that comes down when you right-click on any column header: As long as you've got the Type column showing, you
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rosie Perera on Tue, Apr 28 2015
  • Re: Resources on Transgender

    The first transgender person I ever heard of was Walter Carlos , the composer and electronic musician, who became Wendy Carlos. Back then it was unheard of. I knew her back when she was a "him" from his Switched-On Bach recordings (synthesizer versions of Bach's music), and then was pretty shocked to hear of her conversion to a female. You could still
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Tue, Apr 28 2015
  • Re: L6 Annoyance: "Report Typo" has been moved down, requires scroll again

    [quote user="NB.Mick"]FWIW, I just made some comments on the UI design of Report Typo, including an idea that takes away the need for this line in the context menu altogether - you may want to have a look[/quote] Here's the link to those comments:
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rosie Perera on Sat, Apr 25 2015
  • Re: Export without hyperlink for Bible verses

    [quote user="Fred Greco"]Control + C is difficult for items longer than a paragraph or two (and screen breaks are a big problem).[/quote] You can click at the beginning of where you want the selection to start, then scroll down to where you want it to end and do Shift+Click to make the complete selection. Then Ctrl+C should work. There is a limit to
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rosie Perera on Sat, Apr 25 2015
  • Re: Open pre-pub orders has been messed up for awhile

    This has nothing to do with Faithlife Groups or and should really be on the forum. Maybe it will get moved there. Anyway, this has happened to me before too, and it wasn't with CP titles as I recalled. I called Customer Service and they dealt with it. If you're sure it's titles you won't lose the license to if you delete the
    Posted to Faithlife Groups / by Rosie Perera on Sun, Apr 26 2015
  • Re: Please give $1 increments on Classic Studies of John Knox

    Weird. I wonder why the "Bid" button is showing as grey for me, meaning I can't bid on it. Usually that only happens when a CP collection is part of a package I already own, but that isn't the case this time. EDIT: I figured it out. It's because "Classic Studies on John Knox (15 vols.)" was part of L5 Reformed Platinum, which I bought on April 22, 2014
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Sun, Apr 26 2015
  • OT: Regent Audio courses 50% off sale for end of school year

    I know a number of you appreciate Regent College's audio courses, which don't compete with but complement Logos's mEd courses. They're having a half-price sale on several of them over the next few days to mark the end of the school year. Part 1 is here: (expires Apr 30) Subscribe to the email list (at www.regentaudio
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Sun, Apr 26 2015
  • Re: Another Notes issue :(

    Galen, unfortunately you cannot simply copy and paste to get pictures into posts, as the forum software does not support that (even though it will happily let you paste into a post you're composing; it probably shouldn't ). You need to save the screenshots on your hard disk first and then insert them (by filename) into the post using the paperclip icon
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Fri, Apr 24 2015
  • Re: URGENT ATTN: Faithlife, please add $1 increments to Studies on Life & Influence of John Wesley

    Ha ha! That gives me a great idea. How about a GoFundMe site to pay for my Logos book addiction? Do you think I'd get many donors? What about if I get CNN to do a human interest story on my plight, to spread the word around? D'ya think that might work?
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Fri, Apr 24 2015
  • Re: Needing guidance for my sister for computer

    Logos is pretty intensive and the faster processor she can afford, the better. A very fast hard disk or SSD would also be a must. And the more memory the better. I would aim for at least 8GB. Logos might run (or should I say "limp along") with less, but its performance will be much better with more memory. And don't skimp on disk space to save money
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Fri, Apr 24 2015
  • Re: I have a question but don't know the right terminologies. So be patient with me!

    Hi KPK, Perhaps it would help if we explain what the words exegetical (from exegesis) and expository mean. Exegesis is a careful word-by-word unpacking of what a passage means, especially what it meant in the original context when it was written. (And hermeneutics is essentially linking that exegetical understanding from then to now ; i.e., interpreting
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rosie Perera on Wed, Apr 22 2015
  • Re: Question for prioritization guru

    I'm smiling because you're looking for a "prioritization guru" who cares about "books ... outside the canon of the NRSV" and "lectionary resources" and "Syriac Bibles." You've just given a job description for yourself! Anyone who would post a post like this is the prioritization guru of all prioritization gurus. Good luck finding someone who knows more
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rosie Perera on Wed, Apr 22 2015
  • Re: CP books "under contract" since Feb 2014

    [quote user="Jason Harris"]I stand corrected on this point. I couldn't find them on the website store, but I have found them in my library now! [/quote] Often when books are part of a package, they don't have their own page on the store because they are not purchasable as standalone resources. Faithlife has started to give some such books a page of
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Fri, Jul 3 2015
  • Re: Question on "Youtube contest"

    [quote user="Marshall T Barth Jr"]I hadn't contacted her, she's contacted me.[/quote] Kyle is normally a man's name, and in this case, he's definitely a guy. It's good to be cautious. But unless he's asking you for remote control of your computer, or asking you to send him your credit card number or social security number or other private info, it doesn
    Posted to General by Rosie Perera on Wed, Jul 1 2015
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