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  • Re: Q: Indonesian Bible

    I'm headed down there myself to visit and I wouldn't mind an Indonesian Bible for Logos. I'm surprised this request doesn't seem to have been answered yet due to the impact such a Bible could potentially have. Any updates yet?
    Posted to General by David on Wed, May 7 2014
  • Academic Application

    I am rather baffled by the Academic Application at the moment. It seems that both my major and minor offered by the University of Manitoba are not recognised. My major is Classical Studies and my minor is German. Are the American names for these streams of study different than the Canadian ones? If so, what are they?
    Posted to General by David on Mon, Nov 28 2011
  • Re: NIV

    I was just trying to access NIV84 on my ipod as well, since it is my preferred version. I find it unfortunate and surprising that the Logos app doesn't have it available. Since NIV is such a popular version, this is driving customers to other applications which do offer it.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by David on Sun, Sep 11 2011
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