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  • Re: Things I miss from Bibleworks #2: Notes and Text Dragging

    I just did this on my Mac and it worked as it's supposed to. Highlighted a passage, CMD+C, CMD+V into a note. Everything pasted including citations.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Michael on Tue, Jan 22 2019
  • Re: A few Exalting Jesus on sale

    Thanks! Also picked up 3 I didn't have.
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Jan 15 2019
  • Re: Android UI improvements are here

    I also think the Store button should be moved to the bottom of the menu. The app is first and foremost a reading tool. I don't mind that you feel the need to give us access to the stoes, but I'd like it out if the way of the tools that enhance the reading experience. I do not need regular access to the store.
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Michael on Sat, Jan 12 2019
  • Mobile Highlights Question

    How do I control which Notebook of highlights appear in each Bible translation? It doesn't appear that I can access the same "notes and highlights" checkboxes that are in the desktop app to control which Notebook of highlights I'm seeing. Am I missing something or is it something that's not possible in the mobile app?
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Michael on Thu, Jan 10 2019
  • Re: Where are highlights in “no notebook” stored?

    How do you bulk select highlights are are not in a notebook? I can't seem to figure out a way to find all of them.
    Posted to Logos Notes by Michael on Wed, Jan 9 2019
  • Re: Rquest: Add "horizontal divider" to Notes Formatting bar

    I'd love to have this feature as well.
    Posted to Logos Notes by Michael on Wed, Jan 9 2019
  • Re: What I miss from Logos 7

    [quote user="Dave Hooton"] [quote user="Greg F"] [/quote] The UI annoyances are real annoyances! L8 was premature. [/quote] I agree that L8 was a little premature, but I think it's a significant improvement. Certainly more so than L6 to L7 for me. Performance has been a very noticeable improvement both responsive and indexing are faster. Even with the
    Posted to Logos 7 by Michael on Tue, Jan 8 2019
  • Copy/Paste - Insert Logos URL instead of citation?

    Is there a way to have a Logos URL added when you copy/paste something instead of a citation style? When I'm creating notes for myself it's more useful to have the Logos URL so I can click directly to the resources and also take up less space then to have the full citation.
    Posted to General by Michael on Wed, Jan 2 2019
  • Re: Notes aren't syncing between desktop and iPad & Android phones

    Mine aren't syncing between MacOS and Windows. I just noticed this today.
    Posted to Logos Notes by Michael on Thu, Dec 27 2018
  • Re: NIV Application Commentary

    I love the NIVAC set. As a layperson, the structure of the commentary is much appreciated. It's easy to understand, has a decent amount of depth, and covers a lot of books. It's a good balance. I probably use NIVAC, NAC, and Bible Knowledge Commentary the most simply because I find them the most accessible and a big step above study bibles. I have WBC
    Posted to General by Michael on Thu, Dec 27 2018
  • Best Offline Atlas/Maps Available In Logos

    What do you consider the best offline atlas/map available in Logos at this time? I really wish Sacred Bridge was available, but I'm looking for the next best option. I really like how sharp and visually appealing the Biblical Places Maps are, but I don't like that they're only available if I'm connected to the internet. Holman Bible Atlas - seems pretty
    Posted to General by Michael on Wed, Dec 26 2018
  • Re: NIV Archaeological Study Bible

    I own this in Olive Tree and would love it in Logos.
    Posted to Suggestions by Michael on Thu, Dec 20 2018
  • Re: Best Logos books.

    I treat Logos as my one stop shop for my library of books. It's super convenient to have all my highlights on one platform whenever possible. The following resources have been very helpful: NIVAC - as a layperson, this series is in the perfect format. I love how it breaks down each passage with original context, bridging the meaning, and contemporary
    Posted to Logos 8 by Michael on Tue, Dec 18 2018
  • Re: Your top 5 wish list items.

    Sacred Bridge Knowledge of the Holy - A.W. Tozer Quest Study Bible Archeological Study Bible
    Posted to Logos 8 by Michael on Wed, Dec 12 2018
  • Re: Logos on Microsoft Surface Pro

    One thing I'll add to the list of pro's and con's of using a Surface device is the screen aspect ratio. Even though tablet mode is not ideal, running Logos in desktop mode is much more enjoyable with the 3:2 screen ratio for me than other laptops. 3:2 allows for more vertical screen space which I find very useful. I purchased my Surface Pro 3 specifically
    Posted to General by Michael on Sat, Nov 17 2018
  • Re: Logos 8 Team - Thank you

    I agree. Great job and kudos to the Logos 8 team. As a lay person that's used the software since version 6, I can definitely say version 8 was a massive upgrade for me. Version 7 was mainly a library upgrade for me. 8 has addressed most of my biggest issues. Notes has been upgraded from acceptable to nearly great. Canvas is the mind mapping type tool
    Posted to Logos 8 by Michael on Tue, Nov 6 2018
  • Feature Request - Lock/Unlock Panels

    I'd like to request a simple feature that allows us to lock/unlock a panel. What do I mean by that? Sometimes I may have a panel that has many tabs open for difference resources. I'd like to have the panel locked so that I can't accidentally close a resource because I clicked on the "X" in stead of the tab to switch focus to another tab. When I have
    Posted to Suggestions by Michael on Sun, Nov 4 2018
  • Re: Hardware question for Staff from Logos...

    I would consider the Surface Book 2 15". It has a fast SSD (PCIe NVMe SSD). This is the same kind that is used in a Macbook Pro. They're faster than regular SATA SSD's although I'm not sure how much Logos benefits from the increased speed. I find the 3:2 screen ratio excellent for Logos. You also get a touch screen. You can get the top of the line model
    Posted to General by Michael on Wed, Jul 11 2018
  • Re: CLOSE RACE! Vote for Schwandt, John D! - Logos March Madness

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I didn't even realize there was a March Madness going on for Mobile Ed courses!
    Posted to General by Michael on Thu, Mar 8 2018
  • Re: Carta!

    Bump. I'm very interested in getting this on Logos. I would rather not resort to buying another program just for this resource.
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Mar 6 2018
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