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  • Re: Systematic Study Plan

    [quote user="Michael Kinch"] Thanks Michael. Are you looking at mentoring someone or are you looking at being mentored? What is your primary focus? [/quote] I'm going to be mentored beginning in January. The primary focus of the mentorship is growing in spiritual disciples and learning how to mature as a Christian and teach others the basics of daily
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Dec 15 2015
  • Re: Great Books of the Western World

    I wish I would've seen this for $99 and picked it up earlier. $199 is out of my budget.
    Posted to General by Michael on Mon, Dec 14 2015
  • Re: The Bible Speaks Today NT Facebook Deal

    Thanks Cynthia for posting about this deal. $69 is a good value to me regardless of what motivation the publisher may have with their "normal" pricing and discounting practices. I do not know enough about then to make any judgements about their motives. What I see is a good deal. This price is cheaper than the 2 other platforms I have access to and
    Posted to General by Michael on Sun, Dec 13 2015
  • Re: Systematic Study Plan

    I would be interested in seeing your new plan. I'm about to go through a mentorship process and I'm trying to collect my thoughts to put together what you've described. Being a novice, I appreciate all the help I can get through this forum and elsewhere so I don't have to reinvent the wheel.
    Posted to General by Michael on Fri, Dec 11 2015
  • Re: Bargain Price: Compassion Without Compromise ($1.99 at Vyrso)

    Was this only a one day sale?
    Posted to General by Michael on Wed, Dec 9 2015
  • Re: Surface Pro 3 i5 8gb 256 or Surface Pro 4 m3 4gb 128 best for Logos

    [quote user="Bill Anderson"] [quote user="Duncan Campbell"] Thanks for all the advice guys, I went out and got the SP3 i5 256 8gb ram model this afternoon. I do find the fan seems to come on pretty often, with very little being done, e.g. just web browser open, but it is pretty quiet. [/quote] Good choice. The fans might be coming on because you just
    Posted to General by Michael on Sun, Dec 6 2015
  • Re: Lexham Press Spiritual Growth Bundle missing a resource

    It's not showing that I own it and updating resources did not work either.
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Nov 10 2015
  • Re: Logos Is Playing With Logos

    I like the old one better. I noticed the new icon this week and was a little sad when I saw it.
    Posted to General by Michael on Fri, Nov 6 2015
  • Re: NIVAC

    The previous NIVAC sale was definitely great. I picked up most of the volumes. As a lay person I really enjoy the format of NIVAC.
    Posted to General by Michael on Wed, Nov 4 2015
  • Re: Surface Pro 4 & Logos - Thoughts

    For the sake of a battery life I would recommend switching to a different browser. Chrome is a resource hog and eats batteries for lunch. Opera is also Chromium based. So I'd recommend using either Firefox or Edge. Glad the SP4 is working well for you. I have a SP3 and it's practically made for using Logos. The form factor is great and the 3:2 screen
    Posted to General by Michael on Wed, Oct 28 2015
  • Re: Solid State Drives

    [quote user="Ken Hodges"] Do your know how much (gb) of space the Logos Gold program takes? [/quote] Less than 10GB if I remember correctly. I briefly had Logos Gold earlier this year, but quickly upgraded to platinum as I was buying some commentary sets and received very good discounts to upgrade.
    Posted to General by Michael on Mon, Sep 28 2015
  • Re: Can Logos Make Faster Software?

    [quote user="Michael Childs"] To start Logos 6 on my computer the first time this morning took 15 seconds to open to a 3 window pane desktop, with passage guide open in the first window, 5 Bibles in the second window, and BDAG open in the third window. Closed it and restart took 10 seconds. (No doubt it could be a bit slower with a poor internet connection
    Posted to General by Michael on Wed, Sep 23 2015
  • Re: Zondervan Exegetical Commentaries...worth it?

    [quote user="Doc B"] [quote user="Paul"]if anyone else has additional thoughts please feel free to chime in[/quote] In my opinion, *nothing* from the big Z is "worth it". They flat out overcharge on basically everything (I suspect there will be occasional exceptions). As long as there is a comparable resource from a competitor, that's the way I'm going
    Posted to General by Michael on Fri, Sep 11 2015
  • Re: Buying New Hardware and Logos

    [quote user="Kstayte"] Thank everyone for their replies. I do appreciate the help and thoughtfulness. I have been a windows user for forever it seems, and having recently made the switch to iphone and ipad, I am becoming more familiar with the Apple side of life, and all of its wonders. I know from my libronix experience that Logos is super resource
    Posted to General by Michael on Thu, Sep 10 2015
  • Re: Which WBC volumes do you recommend?

    Thanks for all the input and the OP for starting this thread. I ended up making my purchase tonight. I think I've rounded out my commentaries enough to last years and years. Or until Logos 7 comes out. Volume 1: Genesis 1–15 Volume 2: Genesis 16–50 Volume 4: Leviticus Volume 7A: Joshua 1–12 (Second Edition) Volume 7b: Joshua 13–24 (Second Edition) Volume
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Sep 8 2015
  • Re: NIV Study Bible - Images

    [quote user="Geo Philips"] Hi, I was just peeking through the new NIV SB. I found the OT Chronology timeline chart to be really small and no way to open it separately into a bigger view. Interestingly enough, it works better in Biblia/Logos web app because you can right-click and choose to view the image in a new browser tab. Any ideas on how to do
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Sep 8 2015
  • Re: Which WBC volumes do you recommend?

    [quote user="John Fidel"] Michael, You have picked most of the best ones. If your library is like mine, it is NT heavy. I actually use WBC a lot when in the OT. I have the entire set, but if I did not, would compare the list and consider OT commentaries that are in the top 4, unless you are covered with the NICOT as the top commentary
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Sep 1 2015
  • Re: Which WBC volumes do you recommend?

    Based on and I have the following in my cart and ready to order in a week or so. OT: Genesis 1-15, 16-50 Leviticus Joshua Ruth,Esther 1,2 Chronicles Ezra, Nehemiah Job 1-20, 21-37, 38-42 Daniel Hosea-Jonah Song of Songs/Lamentations NT: Galatians Ephesians Colossians, Philemon Pastoral Epistles 1, 2 Thessalonians Hebrews
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Sep 1 2015

    [quote user="John Kight"] [quote user="Super.Tramp"] [quote user="John Kight"] I have seen it on sale in Logos for $999.99 [/quote] Wasn't that before they added the new volumes? [/quote] I think you are correct. Which would explain the price difference. Although, if I remember correctly the sale was last summer. I don't know how many volumes have been
    Posted to General by Michael on Tue, Aug 18 2015
  • Re: Free 8/14 Facebook deal

    Still works on the 16th. Thanks!
    Posted to General by Michael on Sun, Aug 16 2015
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