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  • Re: Personal Book - failure to compile

    Thanks for the work around. I've been trying to get this new wrinkle ironed out for a week with a number of redrafts to no avail. I only wish there were a hint to fix the error that accompanied the error message.
    Posted to General by Eugene Oleson on Sat, Dec 9 2017
  • Logos 5 crash while off line

    Trying to work off line while internet is down. Each time I brought up the (Read in one year) page and clicked on layout Logos 5 crashed. Tried multiple times and same result each time. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Logos.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 50f5abf2 Fault Module Name: Awesomium
    Posted to Logos 5 by Eugene Oleson on Sun, Feb 3 2013
  • Reference error in Ladd, A Theology of the New Testament

    First, an apology if this is the wrong place to note an error in the markup of a text. On page 135 of A Theology of the New Testament ,, beginning with the paragraph heading "The Messianic Idea in Judaism," Ladd references four passages from the intertestamental book The Psalms of Solomon . Logos shows the four references as from the book of Jeremiah
    Posted to General by Eugene Oleson on Tue, Oct 9 2012
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