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  • Additional Translations

    Hi! Any news on any additional translations coming anytime soon? I'd love to see ESV or NIV come through. Cheers Fabian.
    Posted to API by Fabian Tamp on Fri, Oct 28 2011
  • Scrolling programmatically

    Hi, I know it's probably a stretch getting a hold of this information, but I'm writing a small utility program that essentially acts as a touch gesture interpreter for touch-enabled Win7 PCs. So, the code I've got interprets the two-finger pan gesture, and converts it into a mouse-wheel scroll. It's really useful for programs with non-standard scrollbars
    Posted to Logos 4 by Fabian Tamp on Mon, Jan 31 2011
  • Re: Need a Hand Cursor for Scrolling Like Adobe Acrobat Reader

    This is all true, but I would like to second the need for a hand cursor. All of these methods either require use of a scroll wheel or keyboard, which is fine for most, but not for us who have tablet pcs either :) Either that or one-fingered touchscreen scrolling would be really helpful. Microsoft have strived hard to make a consistent touch interface
    Posted to Suggestions by Fabian Tamp on Sun, Sep 19 2010
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