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  • Re: Mobile Ed: NT156 Understanding Easter: The Significance of the Resurrection

    The faithlife free book group. Is also has a reading plan on its page to join.
    Posted to General by JC54 on Wed, Jun 1 2016
  • Re: I am new, I need some help.

    The choice between cloud and a base package is a tricky one. Logos seems to go more and more towards a subscription model. If it appeals to you, give it a try (especially try out the first free month! If you want a BP, start with Gold, it gives you the full logos experience. Other packages just give you more books, so you should decide if you want those
    Posted to General by JC54 on Thu, May 26 2016
  • Re: Collectors Not Best Value?

    Additionally, are you sure the prices you give are correct? I think there is more price difference in upgrading than what you propose.
    Posted to General by JC54 on Sun, Feb 14 2016
  • Re: Collectors Not Best Value?

    I imagine part of the answer has to do with the difference in resources. When a BP is discounted bij 90 percent, some resources will be added to the package at 50 percent of their normal value and some at 1 percent of their normal value. Higher packages have more current, valuable resources.
    Posted to General by JC54 on Sun, Feb 14 2016
  • Re: Package Upgrades

    So what the email says is this: No, you will pay more than the difference in cost. If silver is 500 and Gold is 1000. You buy silver and later want to add Gold, Gold would cost around 600. So the price of buying just Gold is 1000, whereas first silver, then gold would be 500+600=1100. These aren't exact numbers!!! But in my experience it worked out
    Posted to General by JC54 on Sat, Feb 13 2016
  • Re: Should Faithlife use Kickstarter instead of Pre Pub?

    What I love about Kickstart and would definitely be a good idea for Pre-Pub is that with Kickstart it is actually visible what amount of money is needed and how many people are in the project. I do not need to know, I would just love to know (also with community pricing).
    Posted to General by JC54 on Fri, Feb 12 2016
  • 30-day Bible study Course BUG

    I have subscribed to the 30-day bible study course promoted here: First of all: aweseome Idea! I really like it! Second: today I recieved my first email and it was the email about day 8. Rather dissapointing.....
    Posted to General by JC54 on Sat, Jan 2 2016
  • Re: Canadians What Is Your Purchasing Strategy

    [quote user="Matthew"]One thing to keep in mind if you are looking at base packages is that this is the last time Logos 6 will be offered at 15% off. After the sale discounts will be capped at 10%.[/quote] Well, 5 percent is not a huge difference and it is not unlikely that Logos 7 sees light before 2017, so within a year will have a new line and new
    Posted to General by JC54 on Thu, Dec 17 2015
  • Lemmas dataset shows up as not owned

    I own a gold package with all Logos Datasets, but the lemmas dataset stills shows up as lcoked. It both stills appars in the shop and when I look at other BP they also say I do not have this dataset....
    Posted to Logos 6 by JC54 on Wed, Dec 9 2015
  • Re: Dave Hooton reaches 20,000 posts

    That is more than 2 posts for every single day since Logos Bible Software was founded. (and I know the forums are younger) Thanks!
    Posted to General by JC54 on Sat, Nov 14 2015
  • Re: ICC on Sale $1.99 a volume

    What is the dynamic price difference for the base packages after buying them?
    Posted to General by JC54 on Tue, Oct 20 2015
  • Re: Free Book O' The Month - Yes, It's Time

    And NOET now also has a free book of the month: Is especially like the 0.99 ct deal!
    Posted to General by JC54 on Thu, Oct 1 2015
  • Faithlife, thanks for listening, again!

    Òkay, we had (still have) some glitches this new sale. But let's notice that after many requests Faithlife has included a "new to you" section to the bundles. A big thank you!
    Posted to General by JC54 on Wed, Sep 2 2015
  • Re: Ok - WBC and "New to You" - isn't it working correctly or not?

    same here, around 80 dollars price increase. Please Logos, if all volumes are sold for 9.99. The reasonable price for the whole set is something like N* 8,50. Not N *17,00! This makes no sense, has not made any sense from the first announcement of the sale weeks ago.
    Posted to General by JC54 on Tue, Sep 1 2015
  • Re: Evangelical Exegetical Commentaries - Release Dates

    [quote user="Justin marr"] It is currently being copy edited[/quote] Interesting, please learn me what. I now picture a complete, double checked, handwritten document that someone is putting in the pc? How can this take so much time?
    Posted to General by JC54 on Mon, Jun 1 2015
  • Re: Do you want every ebook in the world in Logos?

    [quote user="Francis"] the possibility that you may have to sell something like 50 Shades of Grey , yes or no?[/quote] Well, the answer is "no". Fifty shades was among the worst things that a 'nomal' publisher published, so it was an example. But this would easily fall within the 10 percent margin, so never end up in Logos. Bob, I truly and deeply appreciate
    Posted to General by JC54 on Tue, May 26 2015
  • Re: Do you want every ebook in the world in Logos?

    Well, I would say yes, but hesitantly. Would this mean millions of books in Pre-pub? Of wich millions of books would never get out? Or would it mean that the majority of books would never have Logos functionality? I believe the website should have only Logos-quality books and a reasonable percentage of books in pre-pub. *second thought* Really
    Posted to General by JC54 on Tue, May 19 2015
  • Re: Hermeneia and Continental Commentaries on sale and looking for feedback on it

    I agree with messages above. It's tendency is left, and I like it for that, because it sees and says things I do not find in my (mostly) right-winged library.
    Posted to General by JC54 on Mon, May 18 2015
  • Re: Why advertise a book when it isn't even known what it is yet?

    Well, to be honest, this secrecy does intrigue me a bit. With your post it has become more likely that I would buy this book
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by JC54 on Thu, May 14 2015
  • Re: McGee

    excuse me, I misread the pages, the 60-volume has indeed 7000 pages more
    Posted to General by JC54 on Tue, May 12 2015
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