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  • Re: FINAL CHANCE! CP: Critical/Exegetical NT Comm by Meyer

    This is very close to $25. Any chance that it can be held for another week? Or just allowing it to go for $25 even if it is a few buyers short. The work can already start on preparing it for pub status.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Fri, Nov 11 2011
  • Re: Kindle Fire

    There have been rumors that Apple will produce a less expensive Ipad next year. The Samsung Galaxie Tablet does come in a 7 inch version. I am also wanting a 7-8 inch tablet. I am waiting as I think there will be more options next year. I would like to know that something would work before making a purchase.
    Posted to General by Wayne on Wed, Nov 9 2011
  • Re: Kindle Fire

    [quote user="Halo Hound"]There is no SD or MicroSD slot. The only hope is through a usb port which "may" enable the use of a flash card reader.[/quote] The question is whether Amazon will allow Logos to have an Amazon app. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, but I don't need a tablet to make it easier to buy more. My primary interest is using Logos on
    Posted to General by Wayne on Thu, Sep 29 2011
  • Re: Operation World

    I would love to see Operation World in Logos
    Posted to Suggestions by Wayne on Sat, Aug 27 2011
  • Re: Fleecing the sheep ....

    I have been with Logos for seven years. I have the platinum library, a few of the Christmas specials and some pre-pubs. I pass on most of the pre-pubs. I have purchased very few regular price items. I am guessing that my library cost per book is around $1.75. My Logos library is vastly superior in size and quality to the print library that I had to
    Posted to General by Wayne on Thu, Aug 11 2011
  • Re: My Collections Have Gone Missing

    Thanks for sending the pdf file. Iwas able to begin recreating my collections. The file that I sent was the last backup that I found and it was from December. I hadn't updated many collections since the end the year.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Wed, Jul 20 2011
  • Re: My Collections Have Gone Missing

    3302.ResourceCollectionManager[1].db Enclosed is my resourcecollectionmanager,db file.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Tue, Jul 19 2011
  • Re: My Collections Have Gone Missing

    What is the name of the file for collections? We are in transition and also lost my collections. I do have a backup of many of the files and am not sure if I have a backup of my collection information.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Tue, Jul 19 2011
  • Re: Suggestion: Pre-Publication Order - Delivery Delay Option (up to 90 Days)

    [quote user="Frank Fenby"] [quote user="Graham Owen"]I know that this will be a disappointment to many but I think that we as customers should ensure that we have the funds to cover our commitments.[/quote] Amen! Sound like good stewardship of God's resources. [/quote] My personal practice has been to pre-order only that for which I have finances. But
    Posted to by Wayne on Mon, Jul 18 2011
  • Re: Need Logos research pointers so I can write a proposal on Christian maritial counseling using Logos...please help

    A very simple approach is to do a search on your whole library as follows: marital NEAR counseling This search will show every place the word marital appears within close proximity of the term counseling. There is the potential that you have lots of books that can help or very few. The search in my library returns 31 different resources.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Mon, Jul 11 2011
  • Re: What kind of books does Logos publish?

    [quote user="Bob Pritchett"] The new, second part: Recently Logos has become something of a publisher. We create and sell Bible Study Magazine, the Lexham English Bible, HD Commentary, Evangelical Exegetical Commentary, and more. It’s fair to ask what theological perspective is behind these publications. And the answer is “Evangelical Christian.” Logos
    Posted to General by Wayne on Sat, Jul 9 2011
  • Re: How many resources are available?

    The answer according to Logos is nearly 14,000 books.
    Posted to General by Wayne on Wed, Jul 6 2011
  • Re: Meet and Greet (plus sale)

    [quote user="Stephen Smith"] Name: Wayne Where you call home (general or specific): In transition from Brazil to South Africa via USA Occupation: Missionary Age: 50+ How long you've been using Logos Bible Software: 6+ years Your most-used Logos resource (other than the Bible): NAC commentary Your #1 use for Logos: Lesson prep Favorite non-Logos pastime
    Posted to General by Wayne on Tue, Jun 14 2011
  • Re: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary is Now Shipping

    There will always be a need for new commentaries due to new research, advances, etc.. They may never come out at the rate of the past twenty years. It would appear that a tech company such as Logos will need to be involved in the publication in the future. If this commentary is as successful as it appears, then perhaps Logos will in the future publish
    Posted to General by Wayne on Sat, Jun 4 2011
  • Re: Brasil - Germany 1:0 ???

    According to the web site, Editora Esperança is a partner of SBB (Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil). SBB is the official partner of Libronix in Brasil. According to this site Editora Esperanca is offering a CD with the Wuppertaler Studienbibel series translated from German. The R$249 price is equal to about $150. SBB has a few other books on their website
    Posted to General by Wayne on Sun, Jan 23 2011
  • Re: Who has the oldest Pre-pub order?

    I have suspected for a while that projects that projects that draw limited interest in pre-pub are not given priority attention in production. If a project goes through pre-pub quickly, then it is given priority in production appears to be the general rule.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Sat, Jan 8 2011
  • Re: should i buy?

    All formats for buying books are subject to loss. Libraries spend thousands of library to maintain their books at an appropriate temperature and humidity. They have to post guards to keep books from walking. Large individual libraries have to be boxed and shipped with every move. Books are often left behind due to the difficulties in maintaining print
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Sun, Jan 2 2011
  • 300 Logos Prepublications posted in blog

    I receive the notices of Logos Prepubs in my blog reader. Today there were over 300 posted. It is a overwhelming and I marked them as being all read. Is this related to the update of the website?
    Posted to General by Wayne on Tue, Nov 16 2010
  • Re: New unofficial tutorial video: Reverse Interlinears

    The Reverse Interlinear video is at the Intermediate level. I plan to watch it again. I attended a Morris Proctor training session five years ago. I thought that the level wasn't that far from what Morris offers. Granted the training that Morris offers goes on for 10-12 hours. But if someone is not able to make it to that training, this series can help
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Tue, Nov 9 2010
  • Re: New unofficial tutorial video: Reverse Interlinears

    The videos are well done. I believe what makes these videos so valuable is that they were put together by a serious Logos user.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Wayne on Sun, Nov 7 2010
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