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  • Re: Do you have any video tutorial suggestions?

    [quote user="Lankford Oxendine"]That would be great![/quote] Just FYI, I have started posting videos for my syntax searching series. You can find them on my YouTube channel at the link in my signature. It is configured with the assumption that you know nothing about syntax searching in Logos, but have a basic understanding of Greek or Hebrew. I am three
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Mon, Aug 17 2015
  • Re: Morphological search mi verbs

    JP, The method for finding all of these instances is exactly as Dave mentioned. If you use "lemma:*μι@V" as your search syntax, this will find every lemma that ends with μι that is also a verb. You can also take this one step further to get a full report on which lemmas appear by going to the "Analysis" view and sorting by the lemma column as you can
    Posted to General by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Thu, Jun 9 2016
  • Re: Searching for journal articles by author

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"] Or you could simply do what HELP suggests: {Label Journal Article Where Author ~ "whomever"} [/quote] Thanks for your addition here, MJ. I was curious to see if the author field and the new labeled data for journal articles were running on the same dataset. So I ran a couple searches to check. It appears that they are not from
    Posted to General by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Tue, Mar 22 2016
  • Re: Possible Bug: Syntax Search Result

    [quote user="Mike Hogue"]As such, I saw Mike Meiser's construction using a "negative" construction...but it seems to me the structure should be able to be found with a "positive" construction as well.[/quote] I noticed my name being evoked, so I thought I would weigh in. When we are dealing with postpositive conjunctions like δε, and in this instance
    Posted to General by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Thu, May 12 2016
  • Re: Possible Bug: Syntax Search Result

    [quote user="Ryan Robinson"]So, I recreated a search similar to the one on on the Faithlife group with Opentext and got wayyyy more results that the Cascadia Search.[/quote] Great follow up search of a different database! This is the beauty of having two different databases to search. It gives you two different but similar slices on life. As I am sure
    Posted to General by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Fri, May 13 2016
  • Re: High lighting Gk/Hb words

    Quick answer, yes. But you need to have an English translation of the fathers that has greek reverse interlinear data. Two such English translations of the apostolic fathers that have this are The Apostolic Fathers in English and Lake's Apostolic Fathers in English .
    Posted to General by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Fri, May 13 2016
  • Re: Filtering a specific resource out of a search query

    [quote user="Graham Criddle"] Create a collection and explicitly exclude that resource from it [/quote] One other option that is a spin off of Graham's solution is to create a quick collection. I have included an example in the image below that excludes the title
    Posted to General by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Tue, May 31 2016
  • Re: This Vyrso thing is going to be a lot bigger than I realized.

    Not convinced. It just seems like another ereader, nothing special. Logos does fine for reading my library and Vyrso doesn't offer any titles currently that I would want. I downloaded it, read the $.99 book The Facade and was pretty much done.
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Lana Vaughan on Sun, Jun 19 2011
  • Re: How to do morphological and syntactical searches using logos 5

    The syntax you would want to use for the search in number one is what is called a proximity search. Proximity operators are BEFORE, AFTER, and WITHIN. Probably best syntax for an instance where there are at least 2 intervening words would be "lemma: παρά@pa WITHIN 3 words lemma:ἐλπίς@nafsc". No intervening words would be "lemma:παρά@pa WITHIN 1 word
    Posted to Logos 5 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Fri, May 16 2014
  • Re: Highlight Search

    [quote user="Bob Deacon"]Is there a way to search a particular TEXT for a particular highlight style?[/quote] Another way to search if you are not into typing long, complex search queries is to adjust your search range. You can choose to search certain highlighter styles by clicking where it says "All Text" in your search panel. You can then set which
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Tue, Jul 21 2015
  • Re: Bible Outline Browser and the OT

    [quote user="Francis"]I was watching the presentation about the Bible Outline Browser[/quote] Did you watch the video found on this page? [quote user="Francis"]Am I to understand that this is a work in progress and that the OT may be (as usual) lagging behind the NT?[/quote] The Bible Outline
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Fri, Jul 24 2015
  • Re: better way to create a reading plan?

    The best way that I know if is to manually create the reading plan from a custom reading plan. This is some work, but once it is done, it never has to be done again. In fact, I went ahead and started the reading plan for you. I completed from today through the end of August for you. I also created a Faithlife group that you can join to automatically
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Fri, Jul 24 2015
  • Re: Biblical places and Logos 6

    [quote user="Lankford Oxendine"] 1) Running a city search in Factbook results in Atlas maps at the top of the search. These seem to be pretty worthless. Very slow on a top of the line Macbook Pro with very little information. What is the point of these Atlas maps? 2) To get to the Biblical Places Maps, I have to scroll down to the "Library Results"
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Tue, Jul 21 2015
  • Re: Genitive Modifiers of πίστις

    [quote user="Paul Cable"]How would I find all instances of πίστις modified by a genitive of any kind (incl. nouns, adj., participles, etc.)?[/quote] Paul, Welcome to the "wonderful" world of syntax searching. Syntax query building is no easy task, and does take an amount of iteration and "know how" to navigate. I am going to take my best stab at creating
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Wed, Jul 22 2015
  • Re: Hebrew Morphology visual filters

    [quote user="James"]What texts are compatible with AFAT?[/quote] Here is a link to the wiki that show a pretty comprehensive list of which resource will work with which morphology database. Let me know if this is helpful.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Tue, Jul 14 2015
  • Re: MULTIPLE BUGS: Syntax Search Mac

    [quote user="Rick Brannan (Faithlife)"]Modify your query to look like this, and you should get 18 hits. The below was produced on a Windows machine[/quote] Just wanted to confirm that when the query is built properly, you will get the 18 results on the Mac as well.
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Wed, Aug 5 2015
  • Re: Logos, this is really getting OLD!!!!!

    [quote user="Pastor Michael Huffman"]Every Time I open the software, the updates my Library. I have not added any new books or any thing and it still updates my books. And contrary to popular opinion, yo9u cannot use Logs while it is doing that. When I sit down to Logos I sit down to use, not sit and wait for it to update my library for NO reason.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Sat, Aug 1 2015
  • Re: Logos, this is really getting OLD!!!!!

    [quote user="Mark Barnes"]In the meantime, a work around might be to minimise, rather than close Logos.[/quote] Another work around to think about in the mean time if you are not comfortable leaving the app open all the time, is to simply work offline when using Logos. To do this, you can go into the internet section in program setting and turn "Use
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Sat, Aug 1 2015
  • Re: Shout out to Mike Meiser

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"]I really appreciate your involvement in the forums - and your well presented answers to our questions.[/quote] Thanks for the shout out, MJ. It is my pleasure to help in any way that I can. [quote user="Erwin Stull, Sr."]I took a peek at your YouTube channel containing the Logos videos, and I commend you on it. It is very well
    Posted to Logos 6 by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Fri, Jul 31 2015
  • Re: Definition of Large Text when searching a PB?

    What Dave said.
    Posted to General by Michael Meiser (Faithlife) on Tue, Jul 28 2015
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