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  • New iPhone App - Great job, but still waiting for...Mobile Collection Search

    Great new iPhone update as of 12/13/2017! Wow! The ONE thing I was hoping they would somehow update is the ability to search via COLLECTIONS. How is any human being supposed to remember the name of the author or book they're looking for when they have 5,000-20,000 books and journals? Not gonna happen. This is why Logos created the Collections Setting
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by Adam Vine on Wed, Dec 13 2017
  • Re: Logos 7 suggestions due soon

    Hey Eli...I know this is off subject...but, I was wondering if you had any insight on tags? I spent about an hour yesterday with both a Logos customer service rep and a tech support to no avail. No one could figure out a way to search for Tags that are located in one's Notes and Clippings. I have 100 different Notes/Clippings I've saved and throughout
    Posted to Logos 6 by Adam Vine on Thu, Jun 16 2016
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