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  • Re: How to Claim your Free FL Connect Books

    your suggested "claim your benefits" tab/link is not present on current faithlife site. Also the link that is provided to choose your "free" monthly ebooks only brings up 10 books (out of supposedly several thousand). Also, the "free" books offered do not indicate whether or not I already own them until AFTER I click on the book to add it to cart. All
    Posted to Faithlife Connect (formerly Logos Now) by Ron Biegler on Sat, Jul 20 2019
  • Adobe will not consistently load in the "print/export" tab.

    Please see the chat sequence that your agent said has been forwarded to you. He/She asked me to send these log files to you and you would then get back to me. When I open Logos after turning on my computer and then attempt to "print/export" to pdf, Logos will not have the option to print to "adobe" as it formerly did. I have learned that if I then open
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ron Biegler on Mon, Jun 18 2018
  • Re: Logos only lets your transfer book Licenses once???

    My first participation in a forum (I think). Anyway, I can't believe what I am reading. Are you serious? People have been "buying" LOGOS books and then re-selling them after they realize they are not what they want, or have gotten their use from them? I AM REPULSED! That is like test-driving a new car, signing the papers to buy it, take it on a cross
    Posted to General by Ron Biegler on Tue, Sep 30 2014
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