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  • Re: BDAG/BAGD confusion

    Hi, Joseph ! Large parts of the book will be academic, I will also be writing about life choices and choices regarding consumption, plus history, reading lists and perhaps chapter or verse-level English Bible version recommendations (if I deem it neutral enough vis-á-vis the readers when it comes to the English language will also include the order of
    Posted to General by Unix on Thu, Apr 14 2016
  • Re: Just a Question

    Yes, I agree with the OP, certain information should be instantly up-to-date on the wiki (which is how I grasp allowing for a reduced presence on the forums would be best achieved), instead of constantly (instead of caring about the weather) having to follow the General forum and Logos 6 forum to grasp the current situation. OK, it's true that anyone
    Posted to Suggestions by Unix on Fri, Aug 28 2015
  • Re: Suggestion: New Feature: Commentary Tool

    Thanks, Eli ! Looking forward to that, hopefully not much further than ½ a year away.
    Posted to Logos Now by Unix on Fri, Aug 28 2015
  • Re: Penguin Commentaries - availability in Logos and general reception

    I would buy that one, want to sell it to me? Best way of transferring money would then be that I send enough one-dollar banknotes in an envelope by postal mail as that's actually much cheaper than a Paypal-transfer:[quote user="Rayner"] St John - John Marsh).[/quote]I'm specializing in the GJn (among other things). I remember long ago I even bought
    Posted to General by Unix on Tue, Sep 1 2015
  • Re: Which WBC volumes do you recommend?

    I have three additional volumes which are beaten by other series though but for which I find occasional use. My recommendations are: The new Joshua -volumes are the best for Joshua but I don't think it's a necessity to study it. Since no works yet reference the new volumes I have the old volume as well (although in print), as it is in fact cited here
    Posted to General by Unix on Tue, Sep 1 2015
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