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  • Re: Announcement: Logos Now to continue at same price (with new name)

    Thank you Bob. I think it's fantastic when a CEO can stand up and admit a mistake to his customers and then make it right. Like many others, I will be setting my auto-renew back to 'on.'
    Posted to General by Lee Ahlstrom on Tue, Mar 6 2018
  • Re: Bob: The mistake of bloat v real value increases

    Andrew, Well said. I'm done with 'keeping up with the Joneses' in terms of Logos. I was an initial subscriber in Bible Study magazine because I thought it added some value. But I realized that not only was it a lot of fluff, Logos would never make the useful content available within Logos, and I don't need to save hardcopies of sections of another magazine
    Posted to General by Lee Ahlstrom on Sat, Feb 24 2018
  • Highlights transfer to all versions

    Good evening, I was making some highlights in some passages in the ISV, then wanted to read those passages in the NKJV. Shouldn't the highlights and notes transfer between bible translations? Or are highlights specific to the translation in which they were made? Or perhaps it just takes time to sync? running on an iPad 4 with ios7 and latest version
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Lee Ahlstrom on Mon, Nov 4 2013
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