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  • Re: Searching Question

    Thanks Phil. This was a perfect search command. Appreciate you!
    Posted to Logos 8 by cleburne clark on Sun, Jun 23 2019
  • Searching Question

    Hello All! I need help with a search. I am studying the topic "The Fatherhood of God". Can anyone tell me how I can run a search to find all the places in the Bible where the word "father" refers to God only? I do not want every verse where the word "father" is used. Just references for God only. Thanks Saints! God bless!
    Posted to Logos 8 by cleburne clark on Sat, Jun 22 2019
  • Passage Comparison

    I am studying the resurrection of Jesus. How do I compare all four gospel accounts on one page; like the Bible comparison tool does for Bibles? Thanks
    Posted to General by cleburne clark on Wed, Jan 13 2016
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