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  • Something I have never done

    How would i download the logos 5 free program then i wii likely call customer service to have the logos series X books opened in 5.0
    Posted to Logos 5 by William on Mon, Jul 7 2014
  • Old Logos and Computers

    My pastor just sort of caught me off guard today at church. He said he wanted to get back into his Logos and wants to see me this week about doing something about it. I remember talking with him about logos and how things have really changed. I really do not remember how we left things. It might have been that he would look at it more later and this
    Posted to General by William on Sun, Jul 6 2014
  • Re: Word Study Survey

    I do not have an example that comes to mind. I was with my pastor and we looked up some of the "places." Where the oaks came from as opposed to fir or aspen. Those same words mentioned above and maybe "wrongs" of God. In a way just a "turn of a phrase" can be interesting. God's heritage an abomination.
    Posted to General by William on Sat, Jan 11 2014
  • Re: Interlinear Editor for Logos

    I am interested too.
    Posted to General by William on Mon, Jan 6 2014
  • Re: Heard this??? And.....

    Thank you all. I am seeing my pastor and I am regularly trying to listen to GOD. I do have other community supports as well. Iam much better now and have not dwelt on the tough passage.
    Posted to General by William on Mon, Jan 6 2014
  • Re: Heard this??? And.....

    Well, I want to say 2 things. First, thanks to Rosie for the information on Moses as type. Second, I am sorry. My post did break forum rules. Let me be truthful. I am Severely Mentally ill ( SMI ). Severe depression.... I Read 2nd Sam 6 7 and have been really struggling. anyway, I was really struggling and still am with uzzah's "error". I am personally
    Posted to General by William on Sat, Jan 4 2014
  • Heard this??? And.....

    I was talking to a neighbor and he mentioned Rosh Shanah as being when Moses was born? He also mentioned something about Moses as a "type" of Christ. I did a little searching but did not see anything. These two things above are not really important to me just wondering. I was more thinking about......something else. I know this is theological but Im
    Posted to General by William on Thu, Jan 2 2014
  • Re: The Literary Structure of the Old Testament: A Commentary on Genesis–Malachi question

    preaching through Genesis I would consider JPS's Genesis.
    Posted to General by William on Tue, Dec 31 2013
  • Re: android app

    it is a nook hd + I have the logos app downloaded. things are better with time and playing around. big thing just to ask is sort library on app..... also I have about 30 resources less on app than in logos on that normal?
    Posted to General by William on Wed, Dec 25 2013
  • android app

    Wanting to get my vyrso books to this nook app. How can I do that?
    Posted to General by William on Tue, Dec 24 2013
  • Re: English-Chinese Dictionary

    [quote user="Ryan Tam"] Google translate works, but if I can check the chinese meaning by just a double-click, it would be nice. [/quote] Thanks. I do sometimes use multiple sources. Hope it all works for you.
    Posted to General by William on Fri, Nov 15 2013
  • Re: English-Chinese Dictionary

    just a question....will google translate work? or it wont with Chinese characters??
    Posted to General by William on Thu, Nov 14 2013
  • Re: alphabetizing Hebrew

    Bruce Since no one was able to help....I just thought about the filter tool in Excel. It only works with no blanks in the file but with a vocab list that will not happen. Anyway I added a column to my vocabulary list and I just added an (a) for any word that started with alef, and if there was a bunch of them added an (am) for the second half of the
    Posted to General by William on Sun, Oct 27 2013
  • Re: alphabetizing Hebrew

    I am guessing since no response here...this task is not possible. I am guessing without a Hebrew computer system this kind of sorting is not possible. I have been running this through my head and am thinking there is a way that I might make something work. It will be a work around...but it might help. William
    Posted to General by William on Fri, Oct 25 2013
  • alphabetizing Hebrew

    I have a couple of excel spreadsheets with Hebrew in them. Each file has like 6 columns of data. The Hebrew word, the plural form, the unit it is found, the part of speech, and the "translation". Is there a way to sort the vocabulary. I am able to sort the file by unit or part of speech no about the Hebrew I would not care about the vowel
    Posted to General by William on Thu, Oct 24 2013
  • Re: Learning Biblical Greek and Hebrew

    Learning Biblical Hebrew and Greek? Is not a grammar and vocab course to "learn" Greek or Hebrew. Mounce's book is the standard. You can see another Greek lecture through DTS on iTunes University. I have a great text for Hebrew in logos. I think it's even great for self study. As George just stated....first classical Greek then Koine.... My synod teaches
    Posted to General by William on Fri, Oct 11 2013
  • Re: Pastors question to me....

    Yes, this is all what I had expected. Logos would be and (AFAIK) is better for the "Library" of books. I guess I am asking more for the Language. I am learning Hebrew and now starting Classical Greek. Anyway, pastor mentioned this and I do not know if Logos or BW does this or not.....would it show the 6 different cases of Genitive? is that determined
    Posted to General by William on Thu, Oct 10 2013
  • Pastors question to me....

    I was asked as a user of software what would be good for this pastor to get. I have been told that BW is the same or better than Logos for Original Language work. I guess that is my first question is BW still like that? I know that the Library of Logos is its strength. I did mention that if he would want things like Luther's Works or Wisconsin Lutheran
    Posted to General by William on Thu, Oct 10 2013
  • Re: How long have you been a Logos user?

    I am pretty sure it was 1993 when they moved to Oak Harbor. Then I took a rather long hiatus to spend a decent chunk as I wanted to come back and have spent the most for new content ever in the past couple years. This new content is not the base program....although I did start OL pckg now Diamond. I consider say 2000 for package but another 3000 other
    Posted to General by William on Tue, Oct 8 2013
  • Re: Hebrew passage vocabulary list

    I am not sure this is what you want....but. I just went to documents and clicked on word list. clicked add. it was ESV and I put Gen 1:1-31 there you go
    Posted to Logos 5 by William on Mon, Oct 7 2013
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