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  • Re: We Need To Have a Talk...

    Wow, sounds great! I send my email yesterday, and haven't got an email back or received a phone call. I'll keep waiting very patiently . I've filled my wishlist with some stuff I'm interested in, and am hoping to get some good discount when I buy it all (or a significant part of the list). Maybe they even can recommend me some books I might also be
    Posted to General by Simon on Tue, Dec 27 2011
  • Re: recent Dutch Bible translations please?

    Here's a new version of LogosTagger. It contains some bugfixes. Patrick's document is working fine with this new version. In this new version the comments of NBMick aren't processed yet. I will plan some time for that in about 2 weeks.
    Posted to Suggestions by Simon on Fri, Mar 16 2012
  • Re: Kurt Aland's Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum

    [quote user="Steve Maling"] I think a substantial subset of Logos Greek scholars and students would snap up a FULL version of Kurt Aland's Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum . By "full" I mean containing material and functionality absent from the SESB version: alignment of the parallels (as attempted in Throckmorton's Gospel Parallels ) ability to highlight
    Posted to Suggestions by Simon on Thu, Jul 31 2014
  • Re: Dave Kaplan is a FANTASTIC Sales Rep!

    The question is: Why should a sales rep matter? Why doesn't Logos offer the best prices for their products on the website? Time is valueable, so I don't see why ordering via a sales rep should be prefered over ordering from the website.
    Posted to General by Simon on Sat, Aug 30 2014
  • Re: Beta 5.3: Search improvement

    Searching my library is considerably faster here. 72,276 results in 25,468 articles and 1,827 resources in 0.70 seconds (a search for Qumran). Showing the search results however, is slower. When, for example, I move to the next page in the search results, it takes 2.5 seconds to show the results of the next page.
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Simon on Thu, Aug 28 2014
  • Re: Personal Book Site

    [quote user="Liam"] Simon, I see that your site is now up (albeit now under construction)! I'm excited for what it will be! [/quote] At the moment the site isn't usable. I hope to have the site up and running at the end of October. When the site is ready for uploading, I will post in this forum topic.
    Posted to General by Simon on Wed, Sep 24 2014
  • Re: Default to 'Pay in Full' please (not monthly payments)

    I always pay in full. Please make this the default option. Now you have to click on the "Pay in Full" tab to see the price.
    Posted to by Simon on Wed, Aug 13 2014
  • Re: Logos Now

    Two ideas Logos might want to consider: Discounted year subscription: $89.90 for a year when you pay directly, in stead of the $8.99 a month. The promise that the money you've paid in subscription fees can be used as a discount when buying a Logos 7 base package. That would be an incentive to people like me, who at this moment don't see anything worth
    Posted to Logos Now by Simon on Tue, Apr 7 2015
  • Re: Logos Now

    [quote user="Mark Smith"] [quote user="Bill Roth"]There is another point to be made on this subject. Logos has consistently in the past operated under the model of something like "you'll never have to pay for the same thing twice." If there is no free or highly discounted crossgrade for long duration Logos Now subscribers, then we will indeed be paying
    Posted to Logos Now by Simon on Wed, Apr 8 2015
  • Name of commentaries as shown in the Passage Guide

    I'm a heavy Logos user, using it each week for around 20 hours to prepare my sermons and Bible Studies. When studying commentaries, I use the Passage Guide as starting point. I have a lot of commentaries, and knowing which one of the commentaries listed as "1 Corintheans" (for example) is the one I'm looking for, means I have to open them one by one
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Simon on Thu, Jan 16 2020
  • Re: Name of commentaries as shown in the Passage Guide

    [quote user="Scott E. Mahle"] It’s been my experience that the mobile app will not display custom resource titles in the passage guide but will in library view which makes no sense. [/quote] I tested it, and the custom titles are not used in the Passage Guide in the mobile app. This is very strange. It would be very nice if Logos could fix this
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Simon on Thu, Jan 16 2020
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