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  • Specific Courses not showing in Courses Tool

    I'm not terribly concerned, but I'm wondering why I cannot see any of the following courseware courses within the new courses tool: DIY Bible Study Look at the Book Labs LT261 Study the Bible with Logos: Matthew 4:1-11 Meditations on the Life of Christ Any ideas?
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Tue, Aug 23 2016
  • Re: L7 lightning fast

    Agreed. Very little lag for tasks that previously would reveal a spinning beachball on my POWERFUL 15" MacBook Pro!
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Tue, Aug 23 2016
  • Re: Printing from Interactive Resource Library?

    [quote user="David Canter"] I'm specifically looking at "Counting the 10 Commandments" from my interactive library. I want to print the document for a class, but can't find an option to print. Is it possible to print a hardcopy from this (these) resources? [/quote] If all else fails, you can always screenshot Logos (something I resort to fairly frequently
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Sat, Mar 11 2017
  • Morph Query Builder Help

    I'm interested in examining for myself what appears to be the divine name in NT. I am trying to find all instances of the Greek lemma κύριος in the nominative, masculine, singular without an article. I am yielding some unexpected results. Below is a capture of my screen. Can anyone help me out with what I'm doing wrong
    Posted to Logos Now by Andrew Zoll on Wed, Mar 22 2017
  • Re: Morph Query Builder Help

    [quote user="Adam Borries (Faithlife)"] I can replicate this. We'll look into it. [/quote] Excellent! Thanks, Adam!
    Posted to Logos Now by Andrew Zoll on Wed, Mar 22 2017
  • Re: Suggestion: Highlighting interactive

    [quote user="David A Egolf"] [quote user="Bradley Grainger (Faithlife)"] [quote user="David A Egolf"]However, I was amazed that the N.T. references quit at Rev 2:20 ! [/quote] I can't reproduce this problem; my copy of the interactive shows almost 600 allusions/citations in Revelation. [/quote] Actually, after about 10 minutes of stalling, the rest
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Thu, Jun 1 2017
  • Re: Monthly LN Free Book Recommendations

    Does anyone know if there is a way to filter out of this list resources you already own?
    Posted to Logos Now by Andrew Zoll on Fri, Jul 7 2017
  • Re: L9 Reading Plans Feature Discussion

    [quote user="MJD"] Love this feature. [/quote] Likewise!
    Posted to Logos 9 Mobile by Andrew Zoll on Tue, Oct 27 2020
  • Logos 9 Reading Plan Changes/Help

    I am loving the new reading plan changes in Logos 9. One of the things I was hoping would happen, but didn't was the addition of being able to edit the plan from the calendar view or more options when creating the plan besides going full custom plan that would allow me to set up a reading plan to be for every other Friday. By way of example, we have
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by Andrew Zoll on Wed, Oct 28 2020
  • How do I get rid of this gigantic Ad in my program?

    I love Logos, and I do eventually plan on upgrading to Logos 7 Portfolio (I'm on Logos 6 Diamond), but I sure as heck don't appreciate having a gigantic ad take up more than half of the space on my home page. It's grating on me, and it seems in poor taste, and no matter what I toggle in the options, I can't get it to go away. Anyone have any ideas?
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Tue, Feb 14 2017
  • Re: Suggestion: SPCK Revelation Commentary by Stephen S. Smalley...

    One thousand apologies for reviving a (very) old thread. I assume you have seen that Smalley's SPCK commentary has been made available through logos the revelation to john a commentary on the greek text of the apocalypse . But I was wondering what, if any, differences exist between Smalley's SPCK commentary on Revelation and his IVP commentary on Revelation
    Posted to Suggestions by Andrew Zoll on Tue, Mar 7 2017
  • Courses Tool Showing Wrong Video

    Currently, I'm going through LT271, and I noticed that although I am on the second lesson, the video that is showing up is for the first lesson. The video that should be showing is "Read the Passage Slowly and Mark it Up." What is showing is "Becoming Familiar with the Passage and its Context." Is there any reason why the courses tool does not change
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Tue, Feb 14 2017
  • Re: Community Pricing Bid Information email issues

    My assumption from getting this is that they are cancelling the project since I have had a community bid on it since 2015. Hopefully some more insight will be along shortly.
    Posted to General by Andrew Zoll on Thu, Feb 9 2017
  • Name Saved Speaker Styles in Sermon Documents?

    Does anyone know how to save names for styles for highlighting within sermon documents? I have a system, but want to make sure that I implement it consistently, so I'd like to name my styles (i.e. words to define large w/ yellow highlight, key points in orange, joke/humor/refreshing in pink, Outline points green, Scripture in Blue, and prohibitive commands
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Thu, Mar 22 2018
  • How do I know how far to read in Course on iPad?

    There's no clear delineation for how far I am supposed to read when I open additional resources from within a courseware text. In the desktop app, even if I open the resource from the courses tool, it's marked off where I should start and end, but I see no way to tell how far I'm supposed to read in the iPad app. Any ideas or suggestions?
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by Andrew Zoll on Tue, Mar 27 2018
  • Speaker Labels not working Logos 7.16 Beta 2

    I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but I cannot get my speaker labels to respond at all in Logos 7.16 beta 2. When I click a style, the menu retracts as though it made a selection, but nothing changes in my text. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Andrew Zoll on Wed, Jun 6 2018
  • Search Syntax to find sermons I preached in 2015

    Say I wanted to see what I preached about in a given month, can someone with some knowledge help me out with the particular syntax of finding all my sermon documents that were preached in February of 2015 (assuming I filled in the occasion information)? Or, rather, can someone simply help me with the syntax of searching for anything within the metadata
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Sat, Feb 11 2017
  • Create your own courses (Graham Criddle)?

    I notice in my available courses are ones by Graham Criddle and Joel L. Watts. Are we now able to create our own courses? If so, how? And do we have to share them? Graham, how did you do this?
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Mon, Mar 27 2017
  • Re: NOTES/HIGHLIGHTS: Help me use them properly, please

    [quote user="Pastor Roger"] I have used Logos for many years, but there is one feature that has stumped me: Notes/Highlights. I don't understand how they work. Notes and highlights are placed under "emphasis markup", "highlighter pens", "inductive/precept", etc., depending on which highlighter I am using; I get that. Is there a place to find my notes
    Posted to Logos 7 by Andrew Zoll on Wed, Mar 29 2017
  • Re: Split screen help

    [quote user="alabama24"] FWIW - I do think the app needs to do a better job of identifying what the currently "active pane." Right now, it is very hard to tell! [/quote] Agreed. I've been using the mobile app for literally 6 years and just completely figured out this behavior last week.
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by Andrew Zoll on Thu, Mar 30 2017
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