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Jacques | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Mar 24 2015 10:38 PM

I'd like to print the TOC of the Battles translation of Calvin's Institutes.

I've tried to highlight them to copy paste, some other things.. I can't figure this one out.

Anyone have a suggestion? 

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 24 2015 11:51 PM

Two ways:

1. The preferred method from within Logos: select or scroll to the TOC, then click the panel menu icon (upper left of the Battles resource) and choose Print/Export...

Make sure the Contents checkbox (and only the Contents checkbox) is checked, and then click Print.

2. An alternative: You were on the right track with highlight, copy/paste. You can copy/paste to Word and then print from there:

(highlight, then Ctrl+C, then switch to Word and Ctrl+V) -- substitute Cmd where I said Ctrl if you're on a Mac

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Jacques | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 24 2015 11:55 PM

Yes, thank you. 

However, this isn't entirely what I meant. 

So I did see the ability to print the 'Contents' but this is only showing the Chapter numbers and titles, and passes by each section under the Chapters. For instance Book 1, Chapter IX's title is Fanatics, Abandoning Scripture and Flying over to Revelation etc. Then, 1. The Fanatics Wrongly Appeal to the Holy Spirit, then 2. .. etc. follows.

Is there a way, besides an elaborate series of screen shots, to simply copy the entire TOC? I'd love to get all of these sections and titles together. 

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 25 2015 12:43 AM

Ah, now I see. You're looking to copy the multi-level TOC that appears in the TOC panel to the left (with all of the sub-sections expanded), not the "Contents" that is within the resource itself.

Unfortunately there is no way to copy that from within Logos. As you've suggested, the only workaround would be an "elaborate series of screen shots" but I'm guessing you want the actual text, not just images of it.

I use a great little tool called ABBYY Screenshot Reader which lets you select a rectangle on the screen and grabs all the text from it using OCR. It costs about $30 and it is well worth it because I use it all the time. It depends on how badly you want this and whether you think you'd use such a utility program again, but I do highly recommend it.

It's not always 100% perfect, and you do need to edit the results to put back in the indentation, for example, and occasionally some carriage returns, but it does a pretty good job on this first page worth of the TOC (a few minor OCR errors, easily fixable). You would, of course, have to page through the whole TOC, expanding all the sections manually yourself, and then screengrab each page worth using this tool. It leaves its results in the clipboard, and then you can paste to Word or wherever.

Title Page

General Editors' Preface Contents Editor's Preface Translator's Note

▼ Abbreviations and Symbols

Abbreviations Symbols * introduction
















John Calvin to the Reader (1559} Subject Matter of the Present Work

▼ Prefatory Address to King Francis I of France

1. Circumstances in Which the Book Was First Written

2. Plea for the Persecuted Evangelicals

3. Charges of Antagonists Refuted: Newness, Uncertainty, The Value of Miracles

4. Misleading Claim that the Church Fathers Oppose the Reformation Teaching

5. The Appeal to "Custom" against Truth

6. Errors about the Nature of the Church

7. Tumults Alleged to Result from Reformation Preaching

8. Let the King Beware of Acting on False Charges: The Innocent Await Divine Vindication

▼ Book One: The Knowledge of God the Creator

▼ Chapter I: The Knowledge of God and that of Ourselves Are Connected. How They Are Interrelated

1. Without Knowledge of Self There Is No Knowledge of God

2. Without Knowledge of God There Is No Knowledge of Self

3. Man before God's Majesty

▼ Chapter II: What It Is to Know God, and to What Purpose the Knowledge of Him Tends

L Piety Is Requisite for the Knowledge of God 2. Knowledge of God involves Trust and Reverence

▼ Chapter III: The Knowledge of God Has Been Naturally Implanted in the Minds of Men

1. The Character of This Natural Endowment

2. Religion Is No Arbitrary invention

3. Actual Godlessness Is Impossible

▼ Chapter IV: This Knowledge Is Either Smothered or Corrupted, Partly by Ignorance, Partly by Malice

1. Superstition

2. Conscious Turning Away from God

3. We Are Not to Fashion God according to Our Own Whim

4. Hypocrisy

▼ Chapter V: The Knowledge of God Shines Forth in the Fashioning of the Universe and the Continuing Government of It ▼ (God Manifested in His Created Works, l-io)

1. The Clarity of God's Self-Disclosure Strips Us of Every Excuse

2. The Divine Wisdom Displayed for All to See

3. Man as the Loftiest Proof of Divine Wisdom


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Jim Davis | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 28 2017 1:30 PM

This works for books but not for the media course materials.  Is there a way to print the Table of Contents for the Courses?  Thanks for your help.

Jim Davis

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