Appreciating not complaining

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Tes | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Apr 13 2015 2:51 AM

As I have observed throughout the time, majority of Logos users we are happy and really appreciate the privilege of having such valuable tools and resources for Bible study in Logos. And minority of us always complain and criticize Logos. I think there are a lot of things which we can appreciate and  be grateful. For years up to now we have paid for Base package once and they have been providing us new Features which we have not paid. They have provided us technical support and many things which we have taken them for granted. I think we should think mutually. We should have to put in account also for the survival of the company in order for us and for them to continue our mutual benefit. 

Blessings in Christ.

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William Gabriel | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 6:38 AM

Thanks for the reminder, Tes, and I agree with you. I hope there is also a place for constructive feedback. The fact that Logos discusses issues with us is immensely impressive, so we should be gracious and patient as we have that discussion.

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Dan Francis | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 9:33 AM

I am grateful for Logos, and even when it is not working ideal it is still a great blessing. These forums are designed to be a user based help desk so you are bound to get more complaints the Logos is not working... why is product X not function like it is suppose to (or often it is like I think it is suppose to). I try not to complain for the sake of complaining but in order to try to get an issue repaired or hopefully change a bad issue. One can always curse the dark but it is so much better to light a candle.


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Deacon Steve | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 9:39 AM

Grateful as well.  For the software, resources, and the community.


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Kevin Maples | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 10:18 AM

I'm very grateful. I wouldn't have my library without Logos. I could never afford these books in print.  

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Gerard Shanley | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 11:02 AM

I agree completely! I have always understood that Faithlife/Logos is a business and runs on an unique business model. Because their "product" is of such a high value to me I purchase/invest in Logos with a good portion of my unallocated financial resources( i.e. instead of a boat or a golf club membership). Frankly, I consider it an investment not simply for my own personal growth but because I genuinely hope to see the company grow and reach an ever expanding market. OK, I am a sucker for digital innovations and love to be delighted by new software surprises, however, it is difficult for me to imagine where my faith and thoughts would be today if I hadn't been hooked on Logos a decade ago. My greatest hope is that in a culture and digital medium that pulls so many folks to the perverse that Faithlife/Logos will hook an increasingly large number of people on the True and the Good. I try to spend my money on the best and right now I think I have made a good decision with Logos!

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Bruce Dunning | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 6:51 PM

Thank you for the reminder to be thankful Tes. I continually appreciate this about you.

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Kenneth Neighoff | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 6:53 PM

Thanks Tes, it is always good to be reminded about the blessings we possess.

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Lew Worthington | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 8:00 PM


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Michael March | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 13 2015 9:18 PM

I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you Logos for providing me with thousands of resources that I gladly spent the vast majority of my book budget on for well over a decade. You have helped me study the Word so that I can feed the flock entrusted to my care for pennies on the dollar for what I would have had to pay for traditional books. And then when I think of how I exegete a passage now compared to how I did it 30 years ago, with three or four book cradles spread out in front of me and searching through bookshelves through multiple rooms between my house and is staggering. Now I get far more resources searched in seconds. Add to that the ability now to take 8000 volumes with me in one hand, and I hardly know where to begin.

I did have other Bible software before yours, but you were and are a quantum leap forward for me and through me to those God entrusts me to serve. Thank you Logos, from the bottom of my heart.

Pastor Mike

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Tes | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Apr 14 2015 8:20 AM

Thanks a lot all of you.I have been blessed to read your constructive Words.To be thankfulness in this matter is to recognize to the outer of all gifts. I believe no body has come by chance to use the oportunty of using this valuable Software. There are many, who do not have the chance of getting what we are enjoying here. If we recongnize the source and owner of this gift is God , then I think God should take the credit and we have to humble ourselves, complaining and critisizing doen'nt bring God the Glory. I believe these thankfulness are not directly addressed to Logos, but they are addressed to the One who is over all, and the outer of all gifts, If Faithlife makes mistake ,it shows me they are human beings as we are.They are not perfect. Instead of critisizing, they deserve to be prayed for and belessed. My heart is full of Joy, I consider as if I am worshiping the Lord.Once again thank you my brothers in the Lord. Let's keep praying for Logos and one another. I pray that Faithlife would floursh more and more and take over all the rest blessings for now and the future.

Blessings in Christ.

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Matt Hamrick | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Apr 14 2015 8:24 AM

Thanks Tes for the reminder. I wouldn't have such a large library without Logos.

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Veli Voipio | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Apr 14 2015 9:14 AM

 Grateful as well.  For the software, resources, and the community.


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Alexxy Olu | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Apr 15 2015 5:38 AM

Am grateful to God for raising up a company now called Faithlife and thankful that He gave me the opportunity to have access to this software early. Thank you Faithlife.

Just yesterday I was browsing my old Libronix library 1.1 - 3.0g, the Libronix signature tune brought back wonderful memories. And comparing the progress through to L6, was surprised as how dramatic my library has grown, and believe I have grown with it too.

There is no way I could have imagined at those early days where Logos library software is today! I appreciate all of you at faithlife and the wonderful Logos community.

I pray faithlife continue to grow from strength to strength and the software continue to be available to more and more users at affordable price as the company continue to innovate.

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