[unresolved] Logos 6 not responding and freezing intermittently

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Lance P. | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Apr 26 2015 12:08 PM


I have Logos 6 Silver package. When I have Logos open and make a selection (such as tabbing to a new search tab, or selecting Documents and Tools) the program will become unresponsive and "freeze" sometimes for up to 10-15 seconds. This becomes a real problem when trying to work.

I'm running Windows 8.1 on a 1GHZ quad core processor with 4GB of RAM. According to the Logos 6 specs, this looks to meet the system requirments. Task Manager shows that I am uitlizing 47% memory and less thann 30% CPU. I'm not running any anti-virus. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might resolve this issue?


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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Apr 26 2015 3:41 PM

Hullo Joely

This web page has some suggestions to optimize performance, but if that does not work you will have to submit some logs to Technical Support for diagnosis.


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Thomas Ball | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Apr 28 2015 10:53 AM

Joely P.:
Windows 8.1 on a 1GHZ quad core processor with 4GB of RAM.

Can you also attach an image from your System Information or System page? If you search "system" you'll see both as options. Here is a page that talks about how to take a screenshot http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ 


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Lance P. | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 1 2015 10:18 AM

Sorry for the delayed response but here is the system info screen shot. I've made some adjustments to the Visual Filters options I had selected. Since then, I haven't seen the freezing. Ill post a new comment if I do see it freeze and perhaps attach the Logos Performance log results.

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Thomas Ball | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 1 2015 3:45 PM

It's interesting that you don't have the name of the chip in the "Processor" section. Did you build this machine yourself? I suspect at 1.4GHz the machine may be a bit underpowered with what else you may have installed and running, but without knowing more details about the chip it is hard to tell. If you did build the machine can you go to the manufacturer's websites for the parts of the machine (specifically the CPU and the motherboard but not limited to those pats) and update the drivers? This will likely make the changes needed that will allow the typical chip information to appear. 


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JJ Miller | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jul 16 2016 5:01 PM

What changes did you make in Visual Filters?? 

I have had this problem on the last 3 PC's I have had.  Constant freezing.  So bad I hardly use logos any more except to bring up a book to read....even then, that often takes 10 to 15 minutes to bring up one book.  

OKAY, this has been this way on the last three PC's.  A Dell Quad Core desktop...my current main computer (ASUS Intel i5 with lots of ram),,, and my newest: ASUS i7 notebook),  

What happens... Logos starts normally.  No, it isn't indexing or anything.  But once it starts, you can't scroll down without seeing, "Not Responding"... click on a menu?  "Not responding" ... this normally lasted 15 to 30 seconds, then it responds (same on all three PC's.). In fact, the ASUS i7 Notebook only has Logos and Word on it.  

Now, Logs loads, but it freezes, without the "NOT RESPONDING" message.  It freezes for 2 minutes or 30 minutes of more. Restarting does nothing other than bring me back to my last used screen and freeze... after several minutes I might be able to scroll down a bit or choose search or click on a different Bible tab... then it will freeze again ... again, one needs to wait for 5, 10, or more minutes. 

Makes very little sense. I would say it is the PC... something screwed up. But, on three different PC's?  No other software has the slightest problem... every other program works flawlessly... never stalls, never freezes, never "not responding"... so I don't know how to address. 

Visual Filter's setting... if you made changes... seems like a good place to start, since it is a Logos setting. 



Logos 6 Diamond

When did this start?  I used to be Portfolio (with the Knox seminary connection a few years ago...) but when I got disallusioned with their DMin, I went back to Diamond.... and that transition... that is when this started stalling, freezing and not responding. 

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jul 16 2016 11:45 PM


You need to call Tech Support for this as they can provide online diagnosis.


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ds. P.J. Kotze | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 29 2016 10:11 AM

I have the same problem on an i3 with 8GB RAM that I baught after lightning destructed my i5 with 8GB RAM. The problem could be several things, but this is what I know.

You need a fine balance between CPU, RAM (size and speed) and Graphics memory. If you have 4GB of RAM but not a Graphics card with dedicated RAM the system RAM will be used for graphics slowing down your system. If your RAM is slow it will slow down RAM intensive tasks like loading huge files. If your CPU is slow it wil slowdown CPU intensive task like calculations.

You may have 24GB of RAM running at 1Ghz. Size doesn't always matter. 4GB running at 2.5Ghz could be faster. If you have more than one module of RAM, the speed of the slowest module will be used. Fast RAM and slow a CPU is also out of balance.

Long story in short, check you RAM speed, it could make a difference.

I hope this can solve some issues.

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