Create Catagory Dispensational in Systematic Theologies Guide

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Jacob Hantla | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jun 7 2015 6:21 AM

I do think that dispensationalism is such a significant and defining position that influences so much of one's theology that it would be wise to have a dispensational category. This would be much more descriptive and defining of these systematic theologies than to describe them as baptist or non-denominational (as these have so much theological variance within them). 

Most systematic theologies by dispensationalists are self-defined as dispensational (as has already been pointed out). Phil, I understand your point, but I do hope that for the sake of usefulness of this tool you would reconsider. 

Jacob Hantla
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Jacob Cerone | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jun 7 2015 10:57 PM

John Brumett:

don't neglect certain dispensational authors that should be moved to the nondenominational category.  Please review the specific authors in this thread that I listed that should be moved.  Many authors listed here before teaching at DTS were from various demoninations but after graduating attended Bible Churches which are nondenominational.  I believe your own criteria mentions the demoniation those authors are associated with at the time of writing the systematic theologies.  Thanks, I do appreciate this project and the work you are doing!


Thanks for your continued input and assistance. Know that the authors you noted as nondenominational have been changed accordingly :).

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JAL | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jun 8 2015 2:13 AM

MJ. Smith:
Given that we can tailor the collection to which this is applied, the primary concerns at this point in development are (a) are these divisions that everyone can understand i.e. are they common divisions outside Logos and (b) are there any major groups that are omitted that should be added before this goes live (limited to other systematic theology resources available in Logos format, of course.).



Personal Note:

The so-called undenominational Christian church - American Restoration Movement - was my first self determined affiliation (not meant as a theological statement). It is the tradition where my faith was quickened thus I find it is still often my touchstone. Particularly the twin foci of the tradition which are the unity of all believers based on a mutual dedication to the authority of Scripture.

My denominational affiliations in the order of participation, Congregational, Lutheran (catechized & confirmed), Presbyterian, American Restoration Movement (Baptized), Baptist, Evangelical Free Church, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Baptist, Episcopal. I intentionally over simplify, i.e. not identifying which Lutheran branch. In each case I attended regularly for three or more years in a single congregation participating fully but not always as a formal member, i.e membership in the Baptist churches I attended required affirming cessationism and I could not. Most shifts corresponded with major household moves and involved a short period of searching during which I attended churches in a variety of denominations.

"The Christian mind is the prerequisite of Christian thinking. And Christian thinking is the prerequisite of Christian action." - Harry Blamires, 1963

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