Using prayer lists as to-do lists

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Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jun 26 2015 1:32 AM

Perhaps this idea has already been around, but just in case...

The prayer list document offers functionality that is conducive to usage for other kinds of lists with check-off marks. 

Here is my latest application of it: using it as a Bible reading tracking chart. This is different from a reading plan because (1) it is not prescriptive (does not tell you what to read and when to read it) and consequently (2) accommodates a more flexible approach to reading through the Bible and keeping track of what books one has already read in the latest cycle (to be sure, chapters would be nice, but this is still better than nothing):

I have them set on a "every year" schedule. It is actually nice that the checked off books go into the "done" section and so leave an uncluttered view of what one has not read yet and how many books that is.

Although there are other, capable, task-management software out there, in some cases, it can be convenient to have certain lists in Logos as the "ministry" or "devotion" center, so to speak. 

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Richard Villanueva | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 26 2015 12:43 PM

As a man that loves list and the many software applications that can creatively make To Do Lists about creating more To Do Lists, this is great! I never thought of it before (sometimes it's the simplest of things that are overlooked.) Creating a short-list of chapters/topics to read would be quick and easy... only after I'm done praying for the people on my prayer list, of course.

Thanks for the idea!

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