TIP of the day: starting a new lay person on a prepared Bible study aka what we should have told Mel Part 2

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jul 16 2015 11:26 PM

The first tip of the day was a gentle introduction geared towards participation in a Bible study. This second tip takes follows the path of introducing the power of Logos through the basic functions offered by Logos/Verbum especially for beginners via the Home Page (default) Scripture reference layout.

1. To see the Faithlife designed default layout, enter a Bible passage into the Go Box on the home page.

2. Under HELP, Fatihlife provides a description of the window elements - a screen cast would be required to give it justice ... but its more effective to make you try it yourself.

3. The layout consists of 5 tiles with the following contents:

  1. This tile includes the default Passage Guide and the default Exegetical Guide
  2. This tile includes the top 5 priority Bibles
  3. This tile includes the top priority commentary
  4. This tile contains the Information tool
  5. This tile contains the text comparison tool

4. However, what a new user needs to see is that this layout is a starting point to access a number of additional resources and tools. One wants to encourage exploration rather than overwhelm with details. One example is the access to other commentaries on the passage via the parallel resources icon.

5. Using the right click menu, demonstrate the access to the Bible dictionaries in ones collection.

6. Showing that a double-click opens an appropriate dictionary introduces another basic feature.

7. Finally a single click (or hover) fills the information tool panel with the data related to the word clicked on.

Fortunately, most new users have small libraries which helps in keeping this default layout interesting to explore rather than overwhelming. The most frequent questions are related to prioritization ... how do I make it my favorite ....

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