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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Aug 9 2015 8:48 PM

General examples:


Collection Name: all minus Bibles and Commentaries

Collection Description: This one has grown. It is for searching purposes so that when searching for 1 Peter 1:1 I don't get a result from every bible. However there are other things I found I didn't want as well.

Syntax String: rating:>=0 ANDNOT (type:bible,commentary, grammar, harmony, clause, lectionary, manual, apparatus, concordance, reference)

Syntax Explained:  Search everything (rating:>=0) except (ANDNOT) certain types (type: blah blah blah)


Collection Name: Journals

Collection Description: a collection containing all my journals

Syntax String: type:journal OR mytag:journal

Syntax Explained:  find all resources with a type of journal (type:journal) and also include (OR) things I tag as journals (mytag:journal). The mytags are necessary because Semeia and Journal of evangelical theology are typed as monographs. to tag them open your library, search for "Semeia", highlight one of the results, press CTRL + A and then tag them all at once in the right column.

Specific to journals issue


Bohuslav Wojnar:
It doesn't show Semeia for instance.

type:magazine, type:journal  OR subject:periodicals

That also grabs Christian History Magazine.

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