Linux version of Logos Bible Software

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aaylnx | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 5 2018 10:57 AM


Could you explain further the solution you're using?  I'm also a Linux user and what I've ended up doing is running Logos in a Windows virtual machine under Linux (KVM).  Is that the same thing you're doing?  Are you running a virtual machine version of Windows an a cloud host and then remotely accessing it?



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Michael Lindner | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 5 2018 11:04 AM

I'd like to hear more too, but it sounds to me like he's running Logos on a Windows instance in the Amazon cloud. You can get a free account and use a T2 sized instance for free for a year's trial. After that costs are usage based, and pretty minimal. The down side is, of course, having to have cloud access to use it.

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aaylnx | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 5 2018 11:14 AM

Michael, I suspect you are right.  If that's the case, then my current solution would probably be easier for me which is simply to run the Windows vm locally with KVM and then access it remotely (if needed) via RDP tunneled through ssh.  That seems to work quite well for me.  I would love for there to be a native version of Logos one day, but for now this is not too bad. 

I have to use the same setup to run Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Like in the case of Logos there are simply no comparable Linux equivalents for speech to text.  The closest I've found is the dictation available in Google Docs, but it's just not as good as Dragon.  Looks like some people have had a limited level of success getting Dragon to run under WINE so I may need to try that out further.

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Michael Lindner | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 5 2018 12:57 PM

I suspect there will never be a Linux version - I think the way the FaithLife people are moving is, like everyone else, towards cloud-based SaaS (Scripture as a Service :-). As a scout leader I have to run "Troopmaster" under WINE (on a mac) and I can tell you the last few versions of it have gotten waaaay better at supporting stuff. Good luck with Dragon - that is a very good product and I wish they too had Linux support.

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Funny.  Very.

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aaylnx | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Feb 6 2018 6:50 AM

Michael, I'm certain that you are completely correct that there will never be a Linux version.  It would be nice if we were able to run Logos under wine, but having looked into that quite a bit myself, I'm not holding my breath.  The cloud option is really the only truly cross-platform option for Logos in the future.  Unfortunately, has a very long way to go to have feature parity with the desktop version.  For now I'll simply keep running Logos in a VM.  This may seem silly, but given the portability of VM's, and the speed with which they're running on modern hardware, really makes things quite easy.  I can even run Logos on a chrome book in this fashion (using Remote Desktop) and it works quite well.

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Bradley Grainger:

We will not be developing a desktop/offline application for Linux. continues to improve and will be our solution for any platform that supports a web browser.

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aaylnx | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Feb 6 2018 7:28 AM

I'm glad to hear of Logos' continued focus on  I'm still not able to use it as my daily driver because of lack of feature parity with the desktop app, but I'm hoping for this one day.  For now it's Logos in a VM still for me :-)

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Rik Shaw | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 29 2018 4:07 AM

I have successfully gotten Logos 7 installed in Ubuntu 18.04.  However, whenever a resource is added (either manually or through the Logos Update Manager) it will crash with some "Memory Access Violations".  I assume the technology used for decrypting the copyrighted materials is not yet functional in WINE.  Please see my writeup and if you have any ability to contribute a fix it would be appreciated by Linux Logos 7 users around the world!

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John Goodman | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Sep 28 2018 4:24 PM

I salute you! This is a giant leap forward...

גַּם־חֹשֶׁךְ֮ לֹֽא־יַחְשִׁ֪יךְ מִ֫מֶּ֥ךָ וְ֭לַיְלָה כַּיּ֣וֹם יָאִ֑יר כַּ֝חֲשֵׁיכָ֗ה כָּאוֹרָֽה

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Rik Shaw | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 3 2018 7:41 AM

Sorry for taking a while to get back to this, but in the meantime I have tried all sorts of things that haven't worked for accessing Resources through wine.  Again, if I have *no* resources, then Logos7 seems to run acceptably well following this guide: Logos 7 in Ubuntu 18.04 using Wine

But, if I *manually* place a *.logos4 resources in the Resources folder, this type of error will show up:

008c:err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"Application: Logos.exe\nFramework Version: v4.0.30319\nDescription: The application requested process termination through System.Environment.FailFast(string message).\nMessage: Error opening resource at 'C:\\users\\<user>\\Logos7\\Logos\\Data\\nvkglrmx.bgj\\ResourceManager\\Resources\\95THESES.log"...

By placing a *.lbsrvi file in the Resources folder I get this sort of error:

Application: Logos.exe\nFramework Version: v4.0.30319\nDescription: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.\nException Info: System.AccessViolationException\n   at Libronix.DigitalLibrary.Resources.Logos.NativeMethods.EncryptedVolume_Open(Libronix.DigitalLibrary.Resources.Logos.Safe"...

It seems quite apparent that whatever Logos uses to open the encrypted resources is not working in wine.

Does *anyone* have more understanding of how Logos 7 resources are encrypted?  Let me be absolutely clear that I am *not* interested in cracking the encryption.  Instead I am only trying to install in wine the necessary tool needed to decrypt that is working in Windows but may need manually installed or tweaked in wine.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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John Goodman | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 3 2018 8:46 AM

I wonder if this tool can help?

גַּם־חֹשֶׁךְ֮ לֹֽא־יַחְשִׁ֪יךְ מִ֫מֶּ֥ךָ וְ֭לַיְלָה כַּיּ֣וֹם יָאִ֑יר כַּ֝חֲשֵׁיכָ֗ה כָּאוֹרָֽה

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John Goodman | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 3 2018 11:40 AM

Also a huge number of improvements were made to Wine's encryption features over the last several dev releases. I suggest trying 3.18... I'd like to give it a go myself but I don't have a suitable computer at the moment... need to get a new SSD;)

גַּם־חֹשֶׁךְ֮ לֹֽא־יַחְשִׁ֪יךְ מִ֫מֶּ֥ךָ וְ֭לַיְלָה כַּיּ֣וֹם יָאִ֑יר כַּ֝חֲשֵׁיכָ֗ה כָּאוֹרָֽה

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Rik Shaw | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 4 2018 5:19 AM

@John I have tried with Wine 3.19, unfortunately with the same results.  I have been scouring Steam Proton Issue Reports in hopes that the developments they have done with Wine would carryover to things like Logos.  But unfortunately I haven't uncovered anything that would help as of yet.

If anyone from FaithLife would be willing to contact me I would be more than to have their assistance.  (I have seen Bradly Grainger's name on this discussion but am not certain if he is still watching this thread)

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aaylnx | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 5 2018 7:24 AM

Rik, I thought getting Logos to run under WINE was impossible because of the lack of support for WPF (Windows Presentation Framework) in WINE.  But if you have Logos running, you seem to have gotten over that barrier.  This is a pretty big milestone my friend.  I've tried many times to get Logos working under WINE, but never with success. Brother, I salute you.  Also, I've only glanced at your Google Doc, but this is a very nice resource for those trying to get Logos running under WINE.  I am currently in Haiti doing some missions work.  Lord willing, when I return to the US, I'll have some time to look at this.  Not sure I can be of any help, but glad to be if that is possible.  

You mention Proton above.  Yes, I wonder if advancements with WINE through Proton might enable this to work.  Basically, if all of the underlying technology that is used to run Logos under Windows can work through WINE then it would seem Logos should work right?  Again, I thought the main barrier was WPF, but perhaps not so much any longer.  I would be THRILLED to have Logos working under WINE.  Please continue to update this thread if there is further information.  I am subscribed.

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aaylnx | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 5 2018 8:37 AM

Very interesting indeed.  I'm betting this might really help.  Might be the key to the encryption problem.  So I'm guessing you'd have to copy the DLLs from windows and load them in WINE?  This should be tried out.

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Rik Shaw | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 5 2018 9:50 AM

@aaylnx and others, the only thing I have been successful in so far is being stubborn enough to keep trying and lucky enough to see some success.

I don't know what to say about the WPF barrier, but I think dotnet472 (via winetricks) is taking care of the majority of the hard work.

There will be "glitchy" things to cleanup after we get basic functionality working.

Thankfully, Bradley Grainger has replied saying he is certainly interested in any further debugging logging, etc.  I think for WINE this is the resource to follow to get output using winedbg:

My time is quite limited but I will try as able to get more information to him and the development team.  I have also passed the information to other colleagues in other countries that may be able to do some testing (I am with SIL in Ethiopia).  There are several hundred MT Bible Translators (with very limited internet) using Linux that could really use Logos resources.  So we will keep working on their behalf to see if we can support them in this need.  Certainly prayer is needed in these efforts so let's see if we can work together and reach a solution!

I'll keep detailing any progress or failed attempts at the Google Doc, which is free to be contributed to by anyone with the link:



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aaylnx | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 13 2018 1:04 AM

For quite a few years now I've been told that one of the primary impediments to having Logos run on Linux is that there is no WPF (Windows Presentation Framework) on Linux.  I believe that may be changing soon.  About a week ago it was announced that Microsoft is open sourcing WPF, Windows Forms and Windows UI XAML Library.  In fact, Microsoft has already placed WPF, Windows Forms and Windows UI XAML on GitHub. 

On the same day as the above mentioned announcement was made .Net Core 3.0 Preview 1 was announced.  Linux binaries are now available to download from Microsoft.

Within the same time frame it was also announced that MS will now be basing their browser, Edge, on Chromium and will make it and will start making it available on other platforms (MacOS to start with at least).  

All of this makes it seem that MS has decided to not really worry about keeping their technology running only on Windows as it has done in the past.  Microsoft is quickly becoming less bound to Windows on the Desktop.  Their revenue growth is now heavily based on their cloud offerings like Azure.  I'm hoping this may mean that running Logos under WINE will get easier.  I don't know that Logos will have the desire to do this, but it looks like major obstacles are being moved out of the way should they ever desire to produce a native version of Logos for Linux.  I would be just as happy if they just helped get Logos running under WINE (a much easier goal to achieve).  Making their Bible software able to run under WINE is exactly what Bibleworks did some time ago to enable their software to run on MacOS.  Yes, yes, I know BW has now closed down, but that's certainly not related to this issue.  I know that Faithlife already has a Mac version of Logos, but perhaps they might now have a little interest in helping it to run under Linux.  I'm simply asking more than anything else.  Faithlife, are you reading any of this and might you now start to think about this?  I know it still may take a while for WPF to be running under Linux, but it certainly looks like something of a possibility now.  Should you decide to work on this, the Crossover folks will help to port  Windows software to run on other platforms that their WINE based Crossover technology runs on.

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Aaron Newell | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Mar 11 2019 7:56 AM

So in the interest of trying something different, and because I really enjoy Elementary OS, I went ahead and installed it on my laptop at home a dell xps15 from what 2017 I then installed windows 10 in a vm and installed logos there.  I have had no issues so far it is indexing the library right now. I will let you know what if any lag happens... So far I am seeing no real issues, but it is the only thing I am running in the windows machine.

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 12 2019 4:00 AM

Aaron Newell:
installed windows 10 in a vm and installed logos there.

I don't think people in this thread is interested in VM. (Not that they might not did it, but it is trivial to do and nothing to discuss.) They are discussing about running Linux natively, including using WINE (which is a compatibility layer rather than hypervisor.

I don't know if any of you guys will be interested in this—have you guys tried using Anbox? Anbox uses container technology to run Android side by side natively (because they both uses the Linux kernel.) So this will allows you to run Logos for Android natively on Linux, better than nothing.

Note that Anbox is still alpha status. And it has hardcoded screen size so the scaling might not looks good on your device. I tried it and it is actually quite usable despite that.

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