Hebrew and Greek are "screwed" up in Logos 5 with "Core Engine" downloaded free to help Logos 5 work with Logos 6

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Pastor Daniel T. Moriarity | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Feb 6 2016 1:32 PM

I have Logos 5.  I downloaded a "Core Engine" so that my Logos 5 would work with Logos 6.  When I go to past copies of the Hebrew text in Microsoft Word 2016, the Hebrew is in the beautiful SBL Hebrew 20 and the verses are placed to the right of the text.  Now the new file I was working on for Lent2C.lk13.notes, which has Jeremiah 26:8-13, has in Logos "Copy Bible" the Hebrew verses are on the right, which is OK, but some of the Hebrew words are divided in two, with one part on one line and another on the next line.  And when I copy and paste the text to my Microsoft Word 2016 document, the verses are on the right side, and the text is in Times Roman.

Further, now none of the Greek pericopes have the diacritical marks for the textual apparatus.  In place of those marks there is a blank box.  This is also true for previous notes where there were no problems with the textual variant marks.  Also, in copying from BDAG to the Microsoft Word 2016 notes, the format of the copy is screwed up.  The black box with the numeral in it, indicating different main meanings for the Greek word are still in Logos, but in the Word document, they are giant circles with a number in the circle, and not the black box with the number (white) in the black box.

I have been producing these notes on the upcoming pericopes for six years now.  And it was because Dr. William Weinrich's Concordia Commentary on John 1:1-7:1 was just purchased that it would not download to Logos 5 and I had to download and install this "Core Engine" to help Logos 5 read (?) Logos 6.

Can anybody help?

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NB.Mick | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 6 2016 1:43 PM

Edit: Welcome to the Logos user forums, pastor Dan! Sorry to hear you have troubles. /Edit

Pastor Daniel T. Moriarity:
Can anybody help?

I hope so. First, the engine you installed means that you are now running Logos 6 instead of Logos 5 (I'd assume the different homepage layout will be the largest visible dfference). You got some great additional functionality under the hood, so you made a smart move in installing the new version.

Second: In some version of L6 Logos decided to deinstall all the fonts from users' systems that were previously bundled with Logos. The application will somehow still have them, but other applications such as Word will lack them - and possibly show ugly squares or replace not-present fonts with those available, such as Times New Romans or Arial. What you need to do (once and for all) is reinstalling those fonts. See https://www.logos.com/support/logos6/windows/missing-fonts   

Edit: It seems you choose to continue this discussion here: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/122677.aspx - it's generally advisable to keep one issue in one thread (i.e. replying here) and opening new ones for unrelated issues. But I hope we'll manage. /Edit

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