Anyone have a source for 52 days in the life of Christ?

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Jonas Dagson | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Feb 19 2016 2:58 AM

A number of speakers use this piece of information: ”If you read closely the New Testament record you find a reference to specific days in the ministry of Jesus. By comparing the four gospel accounts we find there are 52 "days" chronicled in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.” ( . A numer of other speakers have used the same statement. Does anyone have a source for this? I'm looking for a list of the 52 days.  Jonas Dagson, Sweden

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Bruce Dunning | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Feb 19 2016 4:06 AM

I have never heard of this before so I was intrigued to do an Everything Search for "fifty-two days" and "52 days". I had no results of any of my resources mentioning anything about 52 days chronicled in the life of Christ.

Of course the most common "52 days" is the time Nehemiah took to re-build the wall of Jerusalem (Neh. 6:15).

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Feb 19 2016 5:56 PM

google wasn't any better which is why I hadn't responded ... I'd assume that there is a particular group familiar with this concept. What is the context in which you ran into it - teacher or denomination of ...?

Trying again with more variations on the search:

If you read closely the New Testament record you find a reference to specific days in the ministry of Jesus. By comparing the four gospels accounts we find there are 52 “days” chronicled in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will study just seven of them tonight. The first one was one of the most celebrated. We call it Christmas. On that night God sent a celestial sound and light show to herald the birth of the King of the Universe into human affairs. The Eternal One became an infant, and was born in a stable! The last day is His ascension to heaven. The Life of Christ may be divided into seven key days’ events which together frame the entire earthly life of Christ!


1.      His BIRTH = We should be watching God’s Word (1-2)

2.      his Baptism = We should be obeying God's Word (3)

3.      his Temptation = We should be nourishing on God's Word (4)

4.      his Transfiguration = We should be reflecting God's Glory (17)

5.      his Death = We should be following God's Plan (26-27)

6.      his Resurrection = We should be Trusting God's Way (28)

7.      his Ascension = We should be Waiting God's Reward (28)

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Jonas Dagson | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 20 2016 3:47 PM

There is the same problem with another statement: writes:  "We make these remarks, which will be obvious to every reader who attends to them, mainly for the purpose of showing that the Gospel on the face of it does not intend to, at least does not, set forth a complete account of the life and work of Jesus. It gives at the utmost an account of 20 days out of the 1,000 days of our Lord's ministry." 

Or The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, the author for the article on the Gospel of John makes the following statement: "Yet the writer [John], as remarked, is very exact in his notes of time. He notes the days, the number of days on which anything was done, or when anything was said. We make these remarks, which will be obvious to every reader who attends to them, mainly for the purpose of showing that the Gospel on the face of it does not intend to, at least does not, set forth a complete account of the life and work of Jesus. It gives at the utmost an account of 20 days out of the 1,000 days of our Lord's ministry.” ( )

Or "John selected vignettes from no more than 20 days in Jesus life..."  (The Synoptic Gospels, by P. J. Pancharathna, page 48)

However, here is the count:

  1. General text  Joh 1:1–18
  2. John the Baptists testimony 1:19–28 (not a day in Christs life)
  3. DAY 1 ”Next day” (1:29) Jesus comes to John the Baptist (1:29–34)
  4. DAY 2 ”Next day” (1:35) The first disciples (1:35–42)
  5. DAY 3 ”Next day” (1:43) Jesus goes to Galilee (1:43–51) [intresting as the walk from Judea to Galilee probably took longer that a day?]
  6. DAY 4 ”On the third day (after the call of first disciples” Jesus turns water to vine (2:1–11)
  7. General text 2:12–13
  8. DAY 5 Jesus in the temple (2:14–22)
  9. General text 2:23–25
  10. DAY 6 Nicodemus comes to him in the night (3:1–21)  Possibly the same day as DAY 5
  11. DAY 7 Jesus at Sykar (4:1–39)
  12. DAY 8 Jesus the day after the meeting at Sykar (4:40–42)
  13. DAY 9 Jesus the second day after the meeting at Sykar (4:40–42) I guess that these two days are not counted in the "20 days".
  14. General text: 4:43–45
  15. DAY 10 Healing of the officials son in a distance 4:46–54 (could possibly be the same as DAY 9 but he had to walk fast). The ”yesterday” (4:52) does not refer to Jesus.
  16. General text: 5:1 
  17. DAY 11 Jesus heals at Betesda (5:2-47) ”on the sabbath day” (5:9)
  18. NOTE here: Seams to be a logical jump between 5:1 and 6:1. 5:1 in Jerusalem, 6:1 in Galilee. When do we change scen as 6:1 says ”the other side”.  Could be at 5:16).
  19. DAY 12 Jesus at the see of Galilee (6:1–16) Note from 6:16 ”in the evening”.
  20. DAY 13 ”Next day” (6:27)  Jesus the bread of life (6:27–65,67–71)
  21. General text: 6:66. It is possible that 6:67–71 is on another day further along.
  22. General text: 7:1
  23. DAY 14 Jesus at the feast of Tabernacles (7:2–10) This is probably a day they don’t count in the ”20 days”.
  24. General text: 7:11–13
  25. DAY 15 Jesus on day four (?) of the feast of Tabernacles  (7:14–36)
  26. DAY 16 ”On the last day” (7:37) of the feast of Tabernacles  (7:37–8:1)
  27. DAY 17  ”At dawn [the next day]” (8:2) Jesus and the adulturus women [8:1–11 disputed but does not effect the count] ( 8:12–39)
  28. DAY 18 Here is a point of discussion 9:1–10:21. Constable: "The exact time of this miracle and Jesus' resultant discourse is unclear. Evidently these events transpired sometime between the Feast of Tabernacles (7:2, 10; September 10-17, A.D. 32.) and the Feast of Dedication (10:22-39; December 18, A.D. 32.). Westcott believed that 10:22 locates the time of the events in 9:1–10:2, as well as those in 10:22-39, during the Feast of Dedication. Robertson believed that this incident did not take place at this feast.. If Westcott is right we might lose a day in the count here.
  29. DAY 19 the feast of dedication (10:22–39)
  30. General text 10:40–41
  31. DAY 20 Jesus is notified of Lasarus death (11:1–6)
  32. DAY 21 ”Two days later” he walks toward Bethany (11:7–16). It seams as if he did not arrive om the same day (11:17)
  33. DAY 22 Jesus heals Lazarus (11:17–54)
  34. General text: 11:55-57
  35. DAY 23 "Six days before”(12:1) . According to Robertson Friday, according to Hoehner Saturday. Not really important for the count. (12:1, 9–11)
  36. DAY 24 ”Next day” (12:12–19) Sunday Triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
  37. DAY 25 (12:20–50) Generally understood to be monday. Usually placed after the synoptics second account of the cleansing of the temple.
  38. DAY 26 John is not chronological at this point. The parallells in Matthew 26:6–13 and Mark 14:3–9 would place 12:2–8 on Tuesday. Probably one of the days not counted, but referred to Saturday if we want a lower number.
  39. DAY 27 Thursday in the passion week 13:1–18:1
  40. DAY 28 Friday in the passion week 18:2–19:42
  41. DAY 29 Sunday (20:1) The day of resurrection (20:1–25)
  42. DAY 30 ”Eight days later” (20:26) Meeting Thomas for the second time (20:26–29)
  43. General text: 20:30–31
  44. DAY 31 The meeting at Tiberias (21:1–22)
  45. General text: 21:23–25)
My conclusion: 20 days in John is not a proper count. I guess one can wring the texts and find 20 days with only major (!) events? But my count gives more that 50% extra days. Are these numbers what we call factoids? On the other hand: 31 is a low number out of 1250 days anyway ! Jonas Dagson
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Wayne Clarke | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 20 2016 4:03 PM

I too have seen this before, but never saw any details associated with the comments.  In a few resources in Logos / Vyrso this 52-days is mentioned in the context you are asking about.

David Jeremiah in "Prayer, the Great Adventure",

..."Believe it or not, the One who taught us to pray had a life remarkably similar to our own.  Jesus was an incredibly busy man.  The Gospels record only fifty-two days of His life, but what a whirlwind of activity is chronicled in those few hundred hours!  If you wrote down the events of each day on fifty-two sheets of paper, I doubt if you would have enough room on each page to report even the major incidents that took place."

Interestingly, Josh Hunts book "Good Questions Have Small Groups Talking: Pray Like It Matters" has David Jeremiah's exact text quoted (and referenced).

In "Why, O God?", it states,

..."The following fifty experiences are especially noteworthy, given that only portions of fifty-two days of the entire life of Jesus are represented in the four Gospels:"

Another reference is In "Living by the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible".  This title was previously available in Logos, but no longer for sale.  You can see a reference by visiting  (I believe it is another one of the very good Moody titles that have been removed.)

...In short, always determine what time it is. For example, in Mark 1:35, we read, “And in the early morning, while it was still dark, [Jesus] arose and went out and departed to a lonely place, and was praying there.” It’s easy enough to tell when this happened: “in the early morning.” But what morning? It was the morning after the busiest day recorded in the life of our Lord. There are only fifty-two of them in the gospels. That particular day was jam-packed with miracles, teaching, and healing.

As I was putting the above list together of Faithlife resources I saw MJ's detailed response, so I thought I would reach out to Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries and ask him about his numerous reference to the 52-days.  I had not heard of him previously.  He graciously and speedily responded to my email and referred me to the short statement/reference in Hendrick's "Living by the Book", which I already included in my listing of Logos/Vyrso books above.  Dr. Barnett did not mention any other resources to reference, other than mentioning that a person could come up with the 52 days by looking at the 250 events listed about Christ's life.

We have the 250 events of the life of Christ listed in a few resources at Faithlife.  They include the Tyndale Life Application commentaries for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as well in addition to the "Life Application New Testament Commentary".  You can also find the list of events on a plethora of web sites.

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Jonas Dagson | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Feb 21 2016 2:41 PM

Another reference: In Dallas Theological Seminarys online course of the gospels President and Dr. Mark Baily make reference to it in is introduction to the course. "Remember at the end of John, John said, “If all the things that Jesus ever did or said were recorded, there’s no libraries in the world that would be able to hold the material”? Let me give you an example of that. What you have in the four Gospels – are you ready for this? – are only 52 days. It’s only 52 days represented out of the entire life of Christ. As you study these four gospels, only parts of those 52 days are included in this selection of material. So, that’s where we go back to number one. God, the Holy Spirit, selected certain events and sayings out of the life of Jesus, guided the human author to record them without error in theoriginal manuscripts, so that the autografa, the end product, was the exact Word of God, exactly as God wanted it, and we only have less than a month – little over a month and a half – out of the entire life of Christ and it took four gospels to get us those 52 days. Now, if that doesn’t boggle your mind, I don’t know what will." 

I'll get back with some more.

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Jonas Dagson | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 22 2016 2:40 AM

Wayne, thanks. Great respons. Some notes.

One of the reasons I ask these question is prof. Hendricks. He was my teacher at DTS 1983–84. The book Living by the book is co-written with his son William Hendricks, now at DTS. I wrote him last night to see if he knew more.

Here is my count on the days in the life of Christ, based on AT Robertsons synopsis and the list of 250 events that you suggested. I land at 59. The question is. How do we "loose" seven day s to reach 52?

Some reflections:

  1. I use the list of 250 events in the life of Christ. I have also worked with A hamony of the gospels by A.T.Robertsson which is a classic.
  2. I try to be as ”graceful” as possible in the counting to minimized the number of days in the life of Christ.
  3. I assume that the 52 days refer to days in the public ministry of Christ, not his whole life. That means that I exclude: (1) The birth of Christ, (2) The circumsisson of Christ (Luk 2:21 ”Eight days”), (3) Bringing Jesus to the temple (3:22–38), (4) The visit of the magi (Matt 2:1–12), (5) The escape to Egypt (Matt 2:13–18), (6) The return to Nazareth (Matt 2:19–23), (7) Jesus twelve years old in the temple (Luk 2:41–51). (5) and (6) might be seen as more general discriptions than a special day, however ”that night” (Matt 2:14) is very specific.


Here comes the list:

  1. DAY 1 The baptism om John (Matt 3:13–17, Mark 1:9–11, Luk 3:21–22)
  2. DAY 2 The temptation of Christ (after 39 other days) (Matt 4:1–11, Mark 1:12–13, Luk 4:1–13)
  3. DAY 3 ”The next day” (1:35) The first disciples (Joh 1:35–42)
  4. DAY 4 ”The next day” (1:43) Calling more disciples (Joh 1:43–51)
  5. DAY 5 ”On the third day” (2:1) Turning water into vine (Joh 2:1–12)
  6. DAY 6 ”Easter” (2:13) Clears the temple (Joh 2:13–25), ”by night” Talk to Nicodemus (3:1–21).  John 2:23–25 could be understood as Nicodemus came another day, but we give that the befit of the doubt.
  7. DAY  7 Women at the well (Joh 4:1–38). Jesus stays two more days (Joh 4:40) which we don’t count as no events from these days are recorded.
  8. DAY 8 Heals the government officals son (Joh 4:46–54)
  9. DAY 9 Jesus in the synagog in Nazareth (Matt, 4:12–16, Luk 4:16–30)
  10. DAY 10 Jesus called the four fishermen a second time (Luk 5:1–11 is moved from being a separat event in the 250 event list to be parallell with Matt 4:18–22 and Mark 1:16–20 as A.T.Robinson suggests).

11. DAY 11 ”sabbath” (Mark 1:21, the day before was a workday). Jesus heals on the sabbath (Mark 1:21–28, Luk 4:31–37), Jesus heals Peters mother-in-law (Matt 8:14–17, Mark 1:29–34. Luk 4:38–41).

12. DAY 12 ”And when it was day” (i.e. the next day) Jesus throughout Galilee (Matt 4:23–25, 1:35–39, Luk 4:42–44). The description is somewhat general and this might be a day that could be take out of the counting.

13.DAY 13 Jesus heals a man with leprosy (Matt 8:1-4, Mark 1:40-45, Luk 5:12–16)

14.DAY 14 ”One day” (Luk 5:17) Jesus heals a paralyzed man (Matt 9:1–8, Mark 2:1–12, Luk 5:17–26), Jesus eats with sinners (Matt 9:9–13, Mark 2:13–17, Luk 5:27–32), Questions about fasting (Matt 9:14–17, Mark 2:18–22, Luk 5:33–39).

15.DAY 15 ”After these things there was a feast” (Joh 5:1), Jesus heals a lame man by a pool (John 5:1-15), Jesus claims to be the Son of God (5:16-47).

16.DAY 16 ”the sabbath day” (Mark 2:23) The disciples pick wheat on the sabbath (Matt 12:1-8, Mark 2:23-28, Luk 6:1-5)

17.DAY 17 ”And he entered again…on the sabbath day” (Mark 3:1–2). Jesus heals a mans hand on the sabbath. Matthew seams to open for the possibility that these things happend on the same sabbath (Matt 12:9). However, Luke is very clear ”On another sabbath” (Luk 6:6). So it must be seen as a separate days.

18.DAY 18 Large crowds follow Jesus (Matt 12:15–21, Mark 3:7–12), Jesus chooses the twelve (Mark 3:13–19, Luk 6:12–16), Sermon on the mount (Matt 5–7, Luk 6:17–49), ”After he had ended all his sayings… he entered into Capernaum” (Luk 7:1 cf Matt 8:5). A roman officer demonstrates faith (Matt 8:5–13, Luk 7:1-10), Jesus raises a widows son from the dead (Luk 7:11-17).

19.DAY 19 Jesus eases Johns doubt (Matt 11:1-19, Luk 7:18–35), Jesus woes on the cities (Matt 11:20-30) ”At that seaon” (Matt 11:25) could have been a statment that referes to a diffrent time but we choose not to interpret it in that way. A sinful women anoints Jesus feet (Luk 7:36–50).

20.DAY 20 ”The busy day” according to A.T. Robertson. From 74–88 on the list of 250 events (Matt 12:22–13:52, 8:23–34, Mark 3:20–5:20, Luke 8:4–39).

21.DAY 21  Jesus heels a bleeding women (Matt 9:18–26, Mark 5:21–43, Luk 8:40–56) and Jesus heals a bleeding woman and restore a girl to life (Matt 9:27–34). ”While he was yet speeking” (Matt 9:18) is somewhat problematic as it must refer to Matt 9:17 and not Matt 8:34. But the two most chronological gospels but the story in the flow at this point. It is possible that this also would belong to the busy day, however, it seams unlikely that they ”came to him from every city” (Luk 8:4) and that he then ”came to the other side of the sea” (Mark 5:1). And then that they should have had time to also sail back the same way ”When Jesus had crossed over again in the boat” (Mark 5:1). I therefore conclude that it is a new (next?) day. It seams as if Robertson does the same.

22.DAY 22 Jesus visits Nazareth for the last time (Matt 13:53–58, Mark 6:1–6). There are suggestions to identify this also with Luk 4:14 ff. It is highly unlikely.

23.DAY 23 Jesus sends the twelve (Matt 9:35–10:15, Mark 6:7–13, Luk 9:1–6), talks to them about the mission (Matt 10: 16–42).

24.DAY 24 Jesus feeds 5000 men (Matt 14:13–21, Mark 6:30–44, Luk 9:10–17, Joh 6:1–15). Jesus walks on water (Matt 14:34–36, Mark 6:53–56), Jesus heals all who touch him (Matt 14:34–36, Mark 6:54–56).

25.DAY 25 ”The next day ” (Joh 6:22) Jesus the bread from heaven (Joh 6:22–40), Debate among the people (Joh 6:41–59), Many disciples desert Jesus (Joh 6:60–71). It is possible after 6:66 that 6:67–71 is on another day further along, but we give it the benefit of the doubt. Jesus teaches about inner purity (Matt 15:1–20, Mark 7:1–23).

26.DAY 26 Now in Tyre and Sidon. Jesus sends a demon out of a girl (Matt 18:21–28, Mark 7:24–30).

27.DAY 27 To Decapolis. Jesus heals many people (Matt 15:29–31, Mark 7:31–37), Jesus feeds 4000 (Matt 15:32–39, Mark 8:1–10).

28.DAY 28 Leaders demand a sign (Matt 16:1–4, Mark 8:11–13). This might, I say might, be the same day with the events of day 29 if they continue to Betsaida. The chronology is unclear.

29.DAY 29 Jesus warns against wrong techin (16:5–12, Mark 8:14–21), Jesus restors sight to blind man (Mark 8:22–26).

30.DAY 30  At Caesarea Peter says Jesus is Messiah (Matt 16:13–20, Mark 8:27–30, Luk 9:18–20), Jesus predicts his death (Matt 16:21–28, Mark 8:31–9:1, Mark 9:21–27)

31.DAY 31 ”Six days later” (Matt 17:1) The transfiguration of Jesus (Matt 17:1–13, Mark 9:2–13, Luk 9:28–36), Jesus heals a demonpossessed boy (Matt 17:14–21, Mark 9:14–29, Luk 9:37–43). Next event somewhat unclear. I count it to day 32.

32.DAY 32 Events 113 to 120 (Matt 17:22–18:35, Mark 9:30–50, Luk 9:44–45)

33.DAY 33 Jesus teaches about the cost of following him (Matt 8:17–22, Luk 9:57–62)

34.DAY 34 ”the feast of tabernacles was at hand” (Joh 7:2) Jesus brothers ridicule him (7:1–9) [Luk 9:51-56, Joh 7:10–13 are unspecific].

35.DAY 35 Jesus on day four (?) of the feast of Tabernacles  (Joh 7:14–36)

36.DAY 36 ”On the last day” (7:37) of the feast of Tabernacles  (Joh 7:37–8:1)

37.DAY 37 ”At dawn [the next day]” (8:2) Jesus and the adulturus women [Joh 8:1–11 disputed but does not effect the count] Event 125–129 (Joh 8:2–59)

38.DAY 38 [Here I follow Robertson instead of the 250 events. He puts events 148–152 as predating evetns 130–147]. Jesus heals the man who was blind (Joh 9:1–34), Jesus about spiritual blindnes (Joh 10:1–21), Jesus the good shepherd (Joh 10:1–21), Religious leaders around Jesus (10:22–42). Here is a point of discussion 9:1–10:21. Constable: "The exact time of this miracle and Jesus' resultant discourse is unclear. Evidently these events transpired sometime between the Feast of Tabernacles (7:2, 10; September 10-17, A.D. 32.) and the Feast of Dedication (10:22-39; December 18, A.D. 32.). Westcott believed that 10:22 locates the time of the events in 9:1–10:2, as well as those in 10:22-39, during the Feast of Dedication. Robertson believed that this incident did not take place at this feast.”. If Westcott is right we might save a day in the count here. I follow him.

39.DAY 39 Jesus sends out 72 disciples (Luk 10:1–16)

40.DAY 40 ”came back” (Luk 10:17)  The 72 returns (Luk 10:17–24), The good samaritan (Luk 10:25–37), Jesus visits Mary and Martha (10:38–42).

41.DAY 41 ”And it came to pass” (Luk 11:1). Teaches the disciples about prayer (Luk 11:1-13)

42.DAY 42 ”And it came to pass” (Luk 11:14) Events 135–145 (Luk 11:14–13:9)

43.DAY 43 ”On the sabbath day” (Luk 13:10) Jesus heals the crippled woman (Luk 13:10–17), Jesus teaches about the kingdom of God (13:18–21).

44.DAY 44 Jesus teaches about entering the kingsom (13:22–30), Jesus grieves over Jerusalem (13:31–35)

45.DAY 45 ”Sabbath” (14:1) Event 155–164. Luk 14:1–17:10

46.DAY 46 Jesus is notified of Lasarus death (11:1–6)

47.DAY 47 ”Two days later” he walks toward Bethany (11:7–16). It seams as if he did not arrive on the same day (11:17)

48.DAY 48 Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (11:17–54)

49.DAY 49 Events 169–181 (Luk 17:11–19:27, Matt 19:1–20:34, Mark 10:1–52).

50.DAY 50 ”Six days before the passover” (John 12:1) Jesus arrives at Bethany . Friday according to Robretsson, Saturday according to Hoehner. (John 11:55–12:1, 9–11).

51.DAY 51 Sunday: Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey (Matt 21:1–11, 14–17, Mark 11:1–11, Luke 19:28–44, John 12:12–19)

52.DAY 52 Monday; Jesus clears the temple (#2) (Matt 21:12–13,18–19, Mark 11:12–19, Luk 19:45–48), Jesus summerizes his message (Joh 12:20–50).

53.DAY 53 Tuesday: Events 188–208 (Matt 21:19–26:16,, Mark 11:19–14:11, Luk 20:1–22:6, John 12:2–8). No material for Wednesday.

54.DAY 54 Thursday: Events 209–223 (Matt 26:17–46, Mark 14:12–42, Luk 22:7–46, John 13:1–18:1)

55.DAY 55 Friday: Events 224–238 (Matt 26:47–27:66, Mark 12:43–15:47, Luk 22:47–23:56, Joh 18:2–19:42)

56.DAY 56 Sunday: Events 239–244 (Matt 28:1–15, Mark 16:1–14, Luk 24:1–43, Joh 20:1–25).

57.DAY 57 ”After eight days” (Joh 20:26) Jesus apperas to Thomas (Mark 16:14, Joh 20:27–31)

58.DAY 58 ”After these things” (Joh 21:1) Jesus apperas to seven disciples at Tiberias (Joh 21:1–25). In texts outside the gospel the are more apperences related (1 Cor 15). However, these are not in the gospels which is the scoop of this list.

59.DAY 59 The commissions Jesus gave are somewhat diffrent in wording: Constable: ”All the Gospels contain instances of Jesus giving the Great Commission to His disciples, but evidently He did not just give it once. The contexts are different, suggesting that He repeated these instructions on at least four separate occasions. This fact obviously reflects the importance of this instruction. The charge that Luke recorded here—and in Acts 1:8—was apparently the last one that Jesus gave. The chronological order seems to have been John 20:21 [at Tiberias my note]; Mark 16:15 [in the disputed section in Mark. It could be antoher day not counted here if verse 14 belongs to the context. Robertson links 16:14 to Sunday evening and makes 16:15ff parallell with Matt 28:18–20 my note]; Matthew 28:19-20 [”..into galilee, unto the mountain where Jesus had appointed them..” (Matt 28:16). Is this the mount of Olives? The text in Luk 24:50 gives the impression they did not meet on the mountain but in Jerusalem walking out to the mountain my note]; and Luke 24:46-49 and Acts 1:8. This last one occurred just before Jesus' ascension into heaven". However, I take it that Johns account was at Tiberias and the other three referes to the same day, thus: Jesus gives the great comission and ascends to heaven (Matt 28:16–20, Mark 16:5–20, Luk 24:50–53).

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Ward Walker | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, May 26 2021 7:46 PM

Awesome research, thanks! 

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Kyle Dransfield | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jul 23 2022 8:41 PM


This is coming to you 6 years later so it might not be relevant anymore.

From the day Jesus started his 40-day fast to the day he performed his first miracle was 52 days.

From the day Jesus died to the day the H/S was poured out was 52 days.

From the day of Jesus first miracle to the day he died was exactly 1260 days - after he rose from the dead he was given an additional 40 days of ministry - 1300 days - just happens to be 25 lots of 52 days.

Why 52 days? What's so interesting about 52 days?

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Mark | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Jul 24 2022 2:15 PM

Interesting thread

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