New Feature: Miracles of the Bible Dataset (dataset)

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Jon Bolin | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Mar 7 2016 11:32 AM

What is it?

The Miracles of the Bible dataset allows you to use the categories from the Miracles of the Bible interactive in a search. This allows you to search for specific words or concepts in or around the account of a type of miracle. For instance, you can find everywhere angels are present in the same context as a miracle involving judgment.

How does it work?

This dataset labels miracles in the Bible with the following categories: type, agent, patient, book of the Bible, benefactor, instrument, things involved, audience, location, and theme. You can construct search syntax for this dataset by right-clicking a the text of a miracle in the Bible (like the account of the virgin birth in Mt 1.18-25), selecting the "miracle" option in the context menu, and clicking on "Search this resource." You can then change and add to the syntax as desired. Example searches include:

  • {Label Miracle WHERE Agent ~ <Person Jesus>}
  • {Label Miracle WHERE Patient ~ <Person Peter>}
  • {Label Miracle WHERE Things Involved  ~ <Thing Water>}
  • {Label Miracle WHERE Type ~ "Provision"}
  • {Label Miracle WHERE Benefactor ~ <Person Jairus>}
  • {Label Miracle WHERE Instrument ~ <Thing Fish>}

Where can I learn more?

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