Hebrew Visual Filter for Common Nouns with Definite Article attached

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Garcia | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Mar 8 2016 8:38 AM

Use to have this VF install and somehow it disappeared. I tried re-creating it but will not work. Just looking for some guidance.

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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 8 2016 1:27 PM

When you say "it disappeared", do you mean it is no longer listed under the documents tab?

If it is there, make sure you have visual filters in general (and this VF specifically) turned on in the resource(s) it is associated with. 

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Garcia | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 8 2016 1:42 PM

No it is no longer on my list. Not sure if switching to Logos Morp vice Anderson may be the cause. I've tried to recreate it but it isn't working. 

just a note. I was out of commission for over two years due to illness. Am now just recovering. Updated my engine to 6 just a few weeks ago. 

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 8 2016 2:40 PM

Did you check the undelete function at the bottom left of the Documents menu? Inactivity shouldn't have dropped anything.

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Michael Meiser | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 8 2016 4:52 PM

I have a feeling that you are looking for a VF that was showing up in English Bible versions that is no longer available. The reverse interlinear data used in the OT of English Bibles in older versions of Logos was tied to the Andersen Forbes Hebrew Morphology. In the recent years, this has changed to Logos Hebrew Morphology. Thus, any VFs created that tied the Andersen Forbes database to English texts are no longer operational. 

Andersen Forbes and Logos Hebrew use slightly different methods to search for articular nouns in Hebrew. (There are pros and cons to each particular method IMHO) 

In Andersen Forbes, there was a column devoted to "Definiteness" once you identified your part of speech as a noun.

In Logos Hebrew, there is no column for this. Rather, articles are only available as an additional part of speech.

With this understanding, how can you recreate your VF to show up on the English text again? The best way I have found is to use the following search syntax for proper highlighting in an English text.

If you want to find all of the definite nouns in a Hebrew text, you would instead use this search syntax:

I hope that this is helpful in identifying the issue and giving you a good solution to your problem. Let me know if I am totally off base here.

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Garcia | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Mar 8 2016 5:04 PM

I think you've identified the problem exactly. I will try these searches and compare to the filter I built. Not sure if corectly built it or if the data given is accurate. 

The filter I created first looks for articles and then common nouns. I've been looking through the results to see if I can identify nouns that are carrying a definite article. 

But like said not sure if it provide the correct answers.  Thanks for your help. ʘ‿ʘ 

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