TIP of the day: Interactives: Names of God (Logos Now)

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Mar 12 2016 3:11 PM

1. There is a series of interactives that work in a similar manner. The are invoked from the library or the command box and offer a facets search for a particular type of Biblical data ... in this case, the names of God. The facets are documented under the "about" button on the panel task bar. The documentation also supplies information about what is included in the data, bibliography if needed, etc.

2. By default, the fact selection on the left side is in facet- count sequence with the option to change to facet-alphabetic sequence. The data on the right side defaults to "all" i.e. no filtering and count sequence with an option for alphabetic. The small blue arrowhead before each name indicates that the entry can be expanded (and contracted). The entry as display is the name in translation, the name in the original language, a speaker icon which when clicked will provide the original language word pronunciation and the number of times that particular name occurs.

The expansion gives the reference for a use of the name and the text in your preferred Bible with the specific name of God highlighted.

3. An example of the facet selection side in alphabetic sequence.

4. Clicking on the original language name of God will open a Bible Word Study on that name. Note that the BWS handles each word in a title separately, not as a string.

5. The expanded entry with its presentation of the Bible text allows a Context Menu to be accessed providing a variety of functions.

6. Clicking in the Bible text will open the associated Bible to the referenced passage.

7. The facets work in the standard way:

  • when you select a value from  a facet, that facet type is removed from the menu and the facet value is added to the list of filters applied to the data
  • clicking on the x in front of the facet value removes it from the list of applied filters
  • clicking on All removes all facet values/filters

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