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Keith Gant | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Apr 28 2016 6:30 PM

Background: The “Swipe to highlight” option on the iPad/iPhone is nice for minimizing taps needed, but only if you’re wanting to apply the same style as used on the last highlight. Selecting a different style takes 3 or 4 taps plus possibly scrolling in dropdown lists (depending on whether the desired style is on the “most recently used” list). Note that Logos on the desktop allows assigning keyboard shortcut keys to styles, enabling applying of up to 36 styles with a single keystroke.

Suggested implementation of 1-tap selecting of multiple highlight styles: 

  1. The highlight shortcut keys assigned by the user on the desktop should be synced to the mobile device. 
  2. Rename the current “Swipe to highlight” option as “Swipe to last highlight”, and create an alternative option called something like “Swipe to highlight selector” or “Swipe to highlight shortcuts”. 
  3. With this new option, when the user does the swipe gesture as currently implemented for “Swipe to highlight”, it invokes a popup keyboard containing the 26 letters and 10 digits. Additionally, there could be a 37th key, larger than the others, labeled “Last” (to apply the last used highlight). The keys which the user has not currently assigned to highlighting shortcuts on the desktop could be grayed out. 
  4. With a single tap on the popup keyboard, the highlight assigned to that key is applied.

Does the iOS app currently have any way to do something equivalent to this? Or is something like it already in the works? If not and depending on comments received here, I will place this on the UserVoice site for mobile suggestions. For those like me who do lots of multiple-style highlighting on mobile devices, it would be a huge productivity enhancement. And it would (IMO) be a better solution than current requests for increasing the size of the "most recently used" list.

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