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Stephen Egge | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Feb 26 2010 7:47 PM

Took the plunge and put Logos 4 on my laptop ... just logged on to my account at Logos and downloaded my Logos 4 upgrade ... and after 10.2 gigs of download time ... It is there.  All my customizations from my main computer are on this one. Couldn't ask for anything better. Indexing will be done in 3 1/2 hours .... (2.491 resources in library)

Very nice implementation ... Kudo's (again) to the Logos 4 team.


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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Feb 26 2010 9:08 PM

I had a similar very positive experience. I have an older laptop and I was thinking I'd probably have to buy a new one in order to install Logos on it, mostly due to the space requirements (it's got a smallish HD), but also performance. But I checked the total space required on my desktop for the Logos4 folder and everything under it, and it was surprisingly small (20GB) given the size of my library (2586 resources). I had plenty of space free on my laptop, it turned out. So I followed the instructions in http://wiki.logos.com/Quick_Installation_onto_multiple_computers (I did method 1 and it worked great). It's working fast enough. Not as fast as my desktop to be sure, but I'm glad I checked the space first. It saved me a few hundred dollars on a new machine that I can now put into Logos resources instead. Wink

I'm looking forward to having my laptop with Logos on it to take on an upcoming trip. And then having it all set to use at Camp Logos in Seattle in a couple of weeks.

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Greg Perry | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 27 2010 5:59 AM

Yea, well, Steve and Rosie,

The PROBLEM with both of your installs is you each have at least 500 more books in your library than me.

Just rub it in my face!

Some day I am going to have more than you and THEN I can really be spiritual! Then, I will have arrived!

Big SmileBig SmileBig Smile


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