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Kate Dugdale | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jul 25 2016 12:38 AM

Hi everyone!

We have access to Logos 4 (primary user) and Logos 6 (the user who is attempting to help the other user work out her Hebrew searches), so Logos 4 is the base packet we're trying to work with but Logos 6 is available if needed.

We are trying to work out how to separate out all occurrences of dabar that refer to God's word in Jeremiah, so want to work out how to run a search to find things like "God's word" or "the word of the Lord" or "his word." 

But, have very little experience with these strange things called lemmas ;)  We've worked out how to do a search for all the variants of dabar within Jeremiah, for example, but are stuck on how to run a wider search like this.

If someone could give us instructions, that'd be really helpful!

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jul 25 2016 12:48 AM

Why has the primary user stayed on Logos 4? I ask because the Logos 6 engine is free and considerable more stable. But there may be operating system limitations holding them back. Unfortunately, I have Logos 6 loaded and don't recall what the differences may be. "Lemma" is just the linguistic term for "the form used as the dictionary entry form".

Are you starting from a Bible using the right click menu or from the Search panel?

In the Search panel, if you are doing a Bible Search (marked by an arrow in the list on the gray tool bar) enter h:dabar and select the right lemma from the list (it has a dotted circle sort of icon).

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Lonnie Spencer | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jul 25 2016 8:33 AM

MJ is right. Logos 4 is a distant memory for a lot of us. But there is hope. Mark Barnes did some helpful tutorials beginning with Logos 4. This link is for a Searching video with Logos 4 that Mark had made. He includes Bible searches so it may help with your questions.

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