Richmond Lattimore's "The New Testament"

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Nit | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Aug 25 2016 6:36 AM

I've got around 40 to 50 different English translations of the Bible and like Lattimore's the most.  I've got a hard copy and a Kindle edition of it.  It will be excellent if I could get a Logos edition as well.  Thanks.

(Although Professor Lattimore had only followed the text of Westcott and Hort in his translation, those textual variations cannot overshadow such a good translation.  As one of the readers in Amazon commented,"...The  texts themselves are splendid. Professor Lattimore took the time to convey  the flavor of each one to the reader through subtle changes in style and  word choice that most often accurately reflect the original Greek. For  example, the stilted and simple language of the Gospel of Mark versus the  more refined style of the Gospel of Luke is well established in the English  translations. What's more, Professor Lattimore offers notes to the reader  explaining why he chose one word or phrase over another. That is a sign of  true scholarship rarely, if ever, seen in commercial translations of this  text....")

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