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Thaddeus Billman | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jun 15 2018 9:28 PM

A bit more data for the analysis:

Today's daily deal was https://www.logos.com/product/51935/complementarianism  List price $2.99, academic price $2.60.  For fun, I priced out a few of the package resources it is included in to see what would happen.  

Logos Theological Library Expansion S - I didn't own any of these resources, so it is straight forward to compare:

Full price total 187.82, academic price total 179.43, stated value in header 212.95

Package Price 44.99 (either way)

Savings 76.05% full, 74.93%academic, 78.87% stated

Actual reduction: -$0.63 = ~21% of $2.99, consistent with stated; or ~24% of $2.60, consistent with full

Logos Theological Library Expansion M - I didn't own any of these either

Full price total 461.68, academic price total 406.18, stated value in header 536.90

Package Price 89.99

Savings 80.52% full, 77.85% academic, 83.25% stated

Actual reduction: -$0.53 = ~18% of $2.99, not identical to any but closest to stated; or ~20% of $2.60, closest to full

Logos Master Library Expansion M - I won a small percentage (around 9% according the dynamic pricing)

Full price total for all resources 8227.19, dynamic academic price 6244.91, stated value 9273.33

Package price 1389.99 full / 1261.80 dynamic

Savings 83.10% full, 79.79% dynamic+academic, 86.40% stated

Actual reduction: -$0.42 = ~14% of $2.99, not identical to any but closest to stated; or ~16% of $2.60, closest to full

It looks like, at least for library expansions, the closest (but not exact) estimate is a simple "list price/stated value".  I'm not quite sure why the stated value doesn't match up with the actual cost.  If it is due to partial sets ("only some resources from this collection are included"), as has been suggested, then possibly buying the one included resource from the set could have an abnormally large impact if doing so fixes the stated value.

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Andrew Malone | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Aug 20 2019 3:49 PM

Thaddeus Billman:

I should point out I have academic pricing which probably distorts the numbers unevenly.  That said, I believe that there are probably different forumlas on different products...

Just a cautionary tale to endorse the complications here. I've been working my way through the Academic family as I purchase more of the resources available there. (As with Thaddeus, this example could well be complicated by my academic pricing and by the many resources I already own.)

  • The different levels in Academic are all nested, so it's much less complicated than jumping between different levels in different denominational packages. But dynamic pricing isn't always simply nested as we might expect.
  • Once I'd purchased Academic Essentials, the prices for subsequent levels were marginally cheaper than direct purchase (savings ranging 1–8%).
  • But when I'd purchased Academic Standard, the next two levels increased in price. Two levels up, Academic Professional would now cost me 3.5% more than if I'd bought it after Standard. And Academic Premium would now be a whopping 32.4% more than if I'd bought it earlier in the chain.

None of this takes into account some of Mark's other observations about overall value, percentage savings, and so on. Nor do I begrudge the complexity at work here. I'm just confirming that even the most obvious upgrade pathways may not end up being linear and intuitive.

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