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Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Sep 19 2016 12:05 AM

I just discovered this today and am posting it for those who like me were not aware of or did not think of trying this before. Most of us would be familiar with the Open (resource) to (reference) command, esp. for Bibles as in typing open NASB95 to John 1:19 will in the command box will open the NASB95 at this reference. 

But we can do this with the help file as well. Try open help to factbook. 

Sadly, at this point, you have to put the exact header for this to work. So, if you put "advanced search" you will not get there, because the header is "advanced searching" and logos does not offer suggestions based on what you wrote (as they do with resource titles) and * or ? do not work as wildcards.

Perhaps this could be a great improvement in future editions (I will post it as suggestion)? Still, it is useful to know one can use the help file in that way.

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