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1) I would feel better about spending if I would feel like there's interest for and possibilities that more non-biblical databases would be released. I might commit more to Logos Now. Or if some databases should be released through other avenues than Logos Now. (It would also help if Faithlife should choose to produce Encyclopedia Britannica (32 vols.) (the famous Edition) even without having gathered the required full interest for it.)
2) I would also like to see a mode added as a feature, when searching collections, where it would be possible for results to be highlighted or categorized, I would like to have favourite searches (i.e. with search terms) saved and whenever I add a new resource to the collection (either manually or when I've bought a new resource that goes under the collection) the search results that come from those newly added resources, would be marked as "new".

Btw, I've started a thread a while back where I listed the commentaries I have. At the same time it comprises a list of the commentaries I recommend and in fact I recommend most of what's on the list, more than what I've highlighted with bold text: Concisely erudite expositional commentary vols. worth duplicating? I've since added the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary set (under a competing platform), The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges: 1 Maccabees, A Handbook on Jeremiah (I recommend), NICOT: Jeremiah (1980) by J. A. Thompson, NICNT: 1 Peter by Peter H. Davids (under a different platform which I can use on my Blackberry Playbook), 1 Corinthians by Conzelmann in the Hermeneia-series as printed matter and duplicated 1 Kings by Mordechai Cogan in the Anchor Yale -series as printed matter (I strongly recommend this volume and generally this series). If someone wishes to continue on that thread, please do so, I was looking for recommendations, and what do You think of my recommendations?

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