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John Columbo | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 8 2017 2:54 AM


I have searched for the answer to this and also contacted support.  Support told me to reinstall the iOS Logos app, which I've done and then they pointed me to this forum. 

Here is the issue: 

  • There is an option under the TOOLS section that says "Highlights".  It is very helpful in that it shows the highlights with the newest first.  I use this to see what my most recent highlights are.  It was working up until a week and a half ago and then it stopped updating. 


  • I am using a 3rd generation Retina display iPad mini and an iPhone 5s and the issue is the same on both devices. 
  • Version of Logos app is 5.12.3 (5.12.30113) on both devices. 
  • I realize that you can go to the "Documents" section and then go to the type of highlight and look there, but that is very unhelpful for me because it doesn't show the details of the highlight.  It just has a square icon with a red line through it and says the Bible version, NLT, and then says "Note Title" next to it which tells me nothing about the highlight.  If I tap on one of them it will take me to the highlight, but it's a guessing game if I'm looking for a particular one. 

Steps I've taken to attempt resolution: 

  • Removed the app from both my iPhone and iPad and restarted the device before reinstalling from the App Store. 
  • Checked several of the highlights currently showing under TOOLS/Highlights to see what Document they are saved in and compared that to my most recent highlights to be sure they are in the same Document and they are. 

Please help me with this.  I used Logos years ago and then switched to the free bible app and for doing word studies because of technical issues then.  I recently switched back to Logos on my iOS devices because I really like the new interface and highlighting features. 

Thank you in advance, 


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JT (alabama24) | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 8 2017 7:55 AM

First, welcome! Smile

I'm not quite sure I understand what your problem is... you may need to rephrase it for me. The only place I see a problem is in the subject line... it would be helpful to add that to the body of your post and expand upon it. 

In any case:

John Columbo:
It is very helpful in that it shows the highlights with the newest first.

I dont know that this is true. It is my understanding that it shows the highlights sorted in order. In my case, I tried this with some bible text. My newest highlight was from Exodus. It DID add the highlight, but it did NOT add the highlight above Genesis 1:1. Rather, the highlight is in versified order. 

Are you sure the highlight isn't there, just in a different order than you expected? You could experiment by making highlights in a new resource. 

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John Columbo | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 8 2017 10:06 AM

Hello alabama24, 

Thanks for the quick reply.  You are indeed correct, it is in book/verse order. 

I discovered the reason why I could not see the reference under the Documents section.  You need to have the following option turned on:

  1. Aa icon when in the reader. 
  2. "Bible Text Only" section. 
  3. Turn on "Non-Bible Text". 

I also discovered that the bible reference does not show up in the TOOLS/Highlights view if you do not have the bible downloaded to your device.  Once you download the bible the location reference shows up, which makes it more obvious that the list is in book/verse order. 

So, my problem is resolved because I can use the Documents section now to find my latest highlights.  Thank you! 

As far as the TOOLS/Highlights section goes, it is useless to me because of the following:

  • It does not have a sorting feature. 
  • It crashes the app after scrolling more than halfway down the list for my highlights in the NLT, so I cannot even get to any highlights I've made past Psalms.  This only happens with the NLT version... I have 97 highlights in that version.  I have 598 highlights in the ESV version and I can scroll through the whole list and the app will not crash.  Both bibles are downloaded to my devices. 

Sorry that my first first post was so negative in tone. 

Thanks for getting me to a solution. 

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