Please fix "Increase Note Indentation"!

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Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Apr 15 2017 2:41 AM

I know I might be told it is "working as intended," but it is so counter-purpose that I think I am justified in speaking of it as a fix, not just a change. 

What have we got? One can indent a note within an annotation file. The effect is that it looks like the indented note is a subordinate node to the previous note. So far, so good. But if you ever need to look at your notes in a different sorting order, the indented note is not attached to the note that is above it and will be placed wherever the new sorting criterion would have it with no regard to placement in relation to the "parent" note.

Example: Let's say I have a topical note called "Abraham". Then I create a note called "Call out of Haran" and indent it below "Abraham" so as to be part 1 as it were. If then I sort my notes alphabetically, Abraham will be with "A's" and Call out of Haran" with C's and separated in the annotation file by all the notes that fit alphabetically between the two. Likewise, if my most recent editing work was done on the subnote, when I sort by last modified, the subnote will be earlier than the "parent" note I had meant it to be attached to.

So I suppose that if anybody uses the indenting at all, they must never change the sort criteria (which sometimes is useful to do). I wonder how many users actually use this feature profitably.

Instead, would it not be better if that function was replaced by a true parent/child note relationship? This has been asked before but has led to no action, so I am rebooting the concern and request.

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Ross Strader | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 17 2017 7:31 PM
I'm surprised there has been no response to this so far... That is one of the most maddening features about the Notes (that, and the indented notes do not 'tree' under the parent note so they can be collapsed... but of course, they do not work that way). Seems like an something that would be able to be addressed.

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Bernhard | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 17 2017 11:24 PM

I think Faithlife staff mentioned a few times in this forum that they are actually working on a revamp of the notes feature -hopefully that will be included.

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