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Rev. Michael L. Burns | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Sep 15 2009 6:23 PM


Last Friday my office computer went belly up and I had to completely wipe the computer clean, reformat and reinstall everything. I installed the normal stuff like MS Office, browsers, etc.


I then began reinstalling my Bible Study applications, Biblesoft 5,  Bibleworks 8, Lessonmaker 8, Wordsearch 8 and Logos.


As far as I can see, everything works fine  (both Bible software  and office applications, etc., except Logos.


When I installed Logos, I first installed from the DVDs, ran the auto updates scripts from   a handy page that I've used many times, created by someone on the news groups called Logos Auto Update Scripts.htm.


Next, I did a restore using  backup-restore scripts written, I believe, by David Hooten. Everything appeared to go ok, no errors indicated at all. However, when I launched Logos, problems were obvious.


  1. Logos never stops refreshing or Discovering Resources. I have let it run overnight (about 10 hours) and  still says it is trying to Discovering Resources. I have verified that the resources paths are the  same as before and duplicate my notebook. Trying to compare resources between the two systems appears to show the resources are there but I cannot tell for sure.
  2. On my main Logos desktop, I have it setup as follows: on the left side of the screen I have stacked, the Passage Guide, The King James Version and The New American Version. On the right side I have stacked: Nestle-Aland new Testament 27 Edition, The NRSV English-Greek Interlinear New Testament, and The ESV English- Greek Interlinear New Testament. All panes are linked. The problem there is that none of the windows show any Greek characters as if some fonts are. Missing. Hovering the mouse over a missing greek word shows the info in the task bar so the  indibidual books seem to be wotking, just missing the fonts.
  3. In the Passage Guide, when I search for, say Romans 2:1-11, the notebook lists most of my commentaries  with "more" at the end of the list. However, the desktop, although listing almost identical commentaries in the list, it never has the "word" more at the end of the list. I assume that may be related to the above problem concerning the never ending "locating Resouces".


Any ideas on where to go from here? I've spent the better part of the weekend loading, unloading and reloading and restoring with the same results.





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Chris Ease | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 15 2009 6:37 PM

My logos has always said, "discovering resources".  If this is wrong, I never new it.  My passage guide says "more" too.  I would like to tell you that this is normal.  The font thing has me stumped.  I will definitely follow this thread.

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Rev. Michael L. Burns | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 15 2009 7:18 PM


Thanks for the quick reply. On both of my systems, prior to the crash, Logos only showed ""Dscovering Resources", when I had added something new, for instance if I had download and place some PBB books in my resourse path. Since the crash, the desktop always shows "Dscovering Resources". {perhaps that is not all that unusual if your system function ok with is displaying.

The Passage Guide should show more at the end of the commentary hits if there are more than can fir in that spass. Looking at he same passages on both system shows it on the notebook but not on the recent install on the desktop.


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Chris Ease | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 15 2009 7:32 PM

Have you checked your library to see if all your books are on there?  You need to make sure your collections are defined the same on both computers, if your looking for "like" results.  Check your properties on passage guide as to what you have checked or "NOT" checked.  I do get the discovering reources and always have on mine.  The "more" doesn't happen for me in passage guide under commentaries, but the "more" does happen on the exegetical guide.

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Rev. Michael L. Burns | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 15 2009 11:37 PM

I finally got it all working ok now. I incerted the DVD that I had used for the install and almost immediately Logos opened and the fonts were now present  and "more" was now present in the passage guide. Removed the DVD and opened  Logos  several times with no problems.No longer trying to discover resources.


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Steven Yu | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Sep 16 2009 1:53 AM

I have to reinstall logos serveral times over the last few weeks as I have been doing some beta testing in Windows 7, and other OSs.  And I run in to all different kind of problem, but yesterday I found the best way of reinstall it.

1 - Follow first two procedure on this page

2 - Insert your original disc, and it will run the update script and install all the plugin and resources, repeat if you have more then one disc

3 - run the update script for latest resource and plugin for logos

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Rev. Michael L. Burns | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Sep 16 2009 9:15 PM


Thanks for the tip. I have copied it into Onen=Note for future reference if God forbid I shoup need it again.


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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Sep 20 2009 5:05 PM

I finally got it all working ok now. I incerted the DVD that I had used for the install ...

If you have my backup and restore scripts you will also find a document "Transferring LDLS.doc" which details a procedure I have found very successful, using the original Logos installation DVD.


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