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Mike Tourangeau | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jun 23 2017 10:27 PM

I just wanted to search within my library for any references (in commentaries) for Matt 9:17, in particular on how this passage relates to the new covenant. So ordinarily I would search..... "new covenant" WITHIN {Milestone <Matt 9:17>} but there are parallel passages so I made a passage list with these passages and used the {PassageList) search method. Ok....but not easy.

If there was a dataset for {ParallelPassage <Matt9:17>} then I could search for ..."new covenant" WITHIN {ParallelPassage<Matt9:17>} this would be would have the info "under the hood" already.

Or.....a dataset that took into account the cross references already curated within our library. For instance {CrossReferenceMilestone <Matt 9:17>} then we could search within these Milestones and search have hits across a broad selection of commentaries.

I really believe there is a lot of potential already "under the hood" in Logos, it really just needs some creativity to bring it to the user.

This is something I tried to express in this suggestion on user voice. Have a look:

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